French Days promo: if you have an iPad, you should really spend this 89€

News good plan French Days promo: if you have an iPad, you should really spend this 89€

Logitech dominates the field of PC peripherals, but it is no slouch when it comes to the Apple ecosystem. The proof with this great promotion on the occasion of the French Days on the MX Keys from Logitech, an Apple-compatible wireless keyboard thanks to its dual configuration for macOS and Windows.

French Days: Logitech sacrifices the price of its MX Keys keyboard

Facing competitors like Razer, Roccat or Corsair, Logitech has decided to play the compromise card : a little skill for regular players, a little skill for workers or occasional players.

This moment, the brand is surfing on the French Days with a nice discount on the MX Keys Plus wireless keyboardone of the most comfortable and enjoyable devices to work with. Its price thus goes from €139 to €89 thanks to a 36% promotion on the Fnac website.

Buy the Logitech MX Key Plus at 89€ at Fnac

The compatibility asset for the MX Keys Plus wireless keyboard

In terms of features, the MX Keys Plus is a versatile and quiet keyboard able to adapt to all environments, whether it’s a living room for telecommuting, a bedroom for gaming or relaxation, the terrace… you can work from anywhere serenely without disturbing your friends or family.

And in addition to being versatile in the environment, the MX Keys Plus is versatile in the media! With the usb dongle, you can connect to a PC, an iMac, an Apple iPad tablet etc

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The MX Keys also has excellent stability, stability partly due to its metal support plate. It can thus be used and taken almost anywhere without any fear.

Note that for workers in the dark, this keyboard is also backlit, which allows the user to use it in good conditions even in the dark. Note also that the backlighting automatically adapts to your use, allowing you to save energy – the keys only light up when you bring your hands together.

But one of the other major advantages of this keyboard is its ability to work on several computers at the same time, regardless of the operating system – even mobile. Pairing is simple, both via Bluetooth and via the USB dongle.

Buy the Logitech MX Key Plus at 89€ at Fnac

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