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May 13, 2021

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There are two routes from Banff to Lake Louise. The first is the trans canada highway, a distance of 58 kilometers by divided highway, with a driving time of about 40 minutes. The second route is through the Arch Valley Avenue, a distance of 51 kilometers along a winding single-lane road. This trip takes much longer, as the route has a low speed limit and limited overtaking opportunities. Sections of the Bow Valley Parkway may be closed throughout the year due to events, wildlife migration, or other situations.

There are a variety of transportation options available including self-service, transfers, tours, Roam Transit and private transfers. Ferries and Roam Transit take the main Trans-Canada Highway; tours will travel along the Bow Valley Parkway.

Both routes are very scenic and pass through some of Banff’s most iconic landmarks, including towering Castle Mountain. Views from the Trans-Canada Highway tend to be more grandiose, as the area around the highway is cleared of trees and allows for open views. However, the Bow Valley Parkway is the best route for wildlife viewing.

Note: Some businesses may temporarily close due to recent global health and safety issues.

1. From Banff to Lake Louise by car

Lake Louise | Photo Copyright: Share:

Driving yourself from Banff to Lake Louise is the best option if you want to travel at your own pace. You will have the maximum flexibility to stop where and when you want and for as long as you want. Although the distance from Banff to Lake Louise is relatively short, the route chosen and the number of sights and stops along the way can easily turn this trip into a half or even full day trip.

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The route is easy to follow, just head out of Banff onto the main road; On your left will be the turn off for Vermillion Lakes. This pleasant area of ​​the park is worth taking a walk through, as the views of the surrounding mountains with the shallow lakes in the foreground are very pleasing. Back on the road, turn left and merge onto the trans canada highway.

A few miles down the road is decision time. Exit to the left and you will be in the Arch Valley Avenue, the slower, more scenic route, or go straight on the highway and you’ll be in Lake Louise in 35 minutes. Most people take the Trans-Canada Highway.

If, like most people, you’re staying in Banff and will be returning, it’s important to be aware of parking issues in Lake Louise. After 9 or 10 am in the summer, the parking lots are full and no more cars are allowed. Based on that, it is recommended that you go to Lake Louise first along the Trans Canada Highway, secure a parking spot, see all the sights, and then return to Banff at your leisure along the Bow Valley Parkway. .

Along the way, be sure to stop at johnston canyon and take the hike to the waterfalls and ink pots, one of the most familiar walks in the park. A small campsite is also located here.

2. Banff to Lake Louise by Roam Transit

Rundle Mountain from an overlook between Banff and Lake Louise
Rundle Mountain from an overlook between Banff and Lake Louise | Photo Copyright: Share:

The cheapest way to get from Banff to Lake Louise is via Route 8X on Roam Transit. The trip takes 48 minutes in an ecological hybrid bus. Take the bus at the Banff High School Transit Hub. Drop off at Lake Louise Village or within walking distance of spectacular Lake Louise (last stop). The bus runs seven days a week with six daily departures starting at 7:30 am Take the bus from the same stop in Lake Louise back to Banff (six daily departures).

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Using Roam Transit ensures that you really get to see Lake Louise with plenty of free time to experience all the wonderful things there are to do. Some popular options include hiking the trails in the Lake Louise area, including the trail along the lakefront or to the famous Lake Agnes Teahouse. Others prefer horseback riding, bicycling, canoeing, or rock climbing.

Car parks often fill up by 9 or 10 in the morning, and then those people are turned away. If you purchase a Super Pass, you will be able to transfer to the Parks Canada transportation system and also see Moraine Lake.

travel in itinerant transit, download their app on your smartphone or pay on board the bus using the ticket machine. The buses have free Wi-Fi.

3. From Banff to Lake Louise by Tour

Post Hotel and Spa on the Bow River in Lake Louise
Post Hotel and Spa on the Bow River in Lake Louise | Photo Copyright: Share:

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get from Banff to Lake Louise is to take the Banff National Park Tour with Lake Louise and Moraine lake. This 4.5-hour trip includes hotel pickup and drop-off, return transportation, snacks, water, and a guide.

You’ll travel in comfort as your guide explains the history of the park and points out places of interest along the way. At Lake Louise, you’ll avoid all the parking and congestion chaos and walk right to the water’s edge. You will have 30 minutes to walk along the lake shore with your guide and take some photos while enjoying the amazing scenery. If you are lucky, you may see an avalanche.

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After Lake Louise, the tour then heads to Moraine Lake, a turquoise lake against towering peaks that many people find more impressive than Lake Louise. Getting here with a private car is difficult in the summer, but your tour bus will drive past road closures to the lake shore. During this 30-minute stop, hike the Rockpile Trail for the best view and photography.

On the way back, the tour goes part of the way through the Arch Valley Avenue, where you’ll have a good chance of spotting bighorn sheep, deer, or maybe even a black bear.

4. Banff to Lake Louise by Shuttle

Bow River through Lake Louise
Bow River running through Lake Louise | Photo Copyright: Share:

Shared shuttles from Brewster Transit travel the route from Banff to Lake Louise and take about an hour. This option is good if you plan to move hotels and have a lot of luggage. If you’re just taking a day trip to Lake Louise, Roam Transit is a better option, less expensive and more frequent.

Unlike Roam Transit, which uses more traditional city buses, shuttles take place in large coaches, with comfortable seats and large windows. Buses pick up at all hotels and drop you off at your hotel or at Samson Mall in the main area of ​​town.

5. From Banff to Lake Louise by private transfer

Chateau Lake Louise on the shore of Lake Louise
Chateau Lake Louise on the shore of Lake Louise | Photo Copyright: Share:

The ultimate in comfort and luxury is to make the trip by private transfer. your driver of banff sedan will pick you up at your hotel on your schedule and drive you to Lake Louise via the route of your choice. You can also set the itinerary and stop at points of interest whenever you want.

Transfer is by luxury sedan, premium SUV (up to five people), or Mercedes Sprinter van (up to 10 people). If you have a large group, this is a great option.

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