FromSoftware’s next game hinted at being Armored Core via job listing

After making one of the best open world games in Elden Ring, what will FromSoftware’s next game be? The studio behind the likes of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro single-handedly propelled the Souls-like genre, and rumors have been swirling that its next series of third-person shooter mechs, Armored Core, might be making a comeback. Now, it looks like we have even more evidence that this could be the case.

FromSoftware’s next game could have been revealed thanks to some developer job listings, as they mention specific requirements that seem awfully like whoever gets the job would work at Armored Core, or something very similar.

Armored Core might even be in its “final stages,” as FromSoftware recently said of its upcoming game. In fact, the developer recently rebranded its website that was focused on Armored Core, further hinting at a reveal.

After posting a job listing for a character designer through Google translate, the page makes multiple mentions of the word “mecha,” a media genre that focuses on giant machines and robots. The applicant “will be in charge of a wide range of character and mecha related designs” and will propose “visual images and creation of images set according to the concept of the game for characters (people, creatures), mecha, elements (weapons, equipment, etc. .)”, as seen by Tech4Gamers.

So how exactly does this relate to Armored Core? Well, FromSoftware’s next game could be part of the series because the studio has been developing Armored Core games since 1997, with the last release in 2013, just as Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls took off and found eager audiences. However, until From makes an official announcement, it’s all still speculation.

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There’s also a job listing for an environmental modeller, but that doesn’t give as much away as to what FromSoftware’s next game might be.

If thinking about Armored Core brings you back to FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with some great guides to help get you up to speed again. We have the best Elden Ring builds, a list of all the Elden Ring bosses, and the best Elden Ring classes to choose from depending on how you want to start in The Lands Between.

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