Gamer Laptop Sales: the Acer Nitro AN515 loses €501… However, it has an RTX 3060!

News good plan Gamer Laptop Sales: the Acer Nitro AN515 loses €501… However, it has an RTX 3060!

The summer sales are in full swing, and they promise great gaming sessions on the road to vacation or at your vacation spot. Because with 501 € immediate discount on the Acer Nitro AN515, Rue du Commerce intends to equip you with an excellent gaming laptop to take with you during your holidays. A powerful and versatile machine, which will allow you to continue your game anywhere, anytime, and at an exceptional price.

Rue du Commerce therefore does not skimp on promotions: the Acer Nitro AN515 is usually displayed at €1,300 on the merchant site. With €501 reduction, i.e. nearly 40% offit now goes to 799 €.

Buy the Acer Nitro AN515 for €799 at Rue du Commerce

The shop offers you delivery to a relay point, and if you prefer home shipping, it’ll only cost you €0.99 — everything is sent within 24 hours. In short, if you’re already packing your bags for vacation, you still have time to go for it and have a chance to slip your brand new gaming laptop between the swimsuits.

To sum up, the Acer Nitro AN515 is a balanced gaming PC, with a generous configuration, and it is very well worth its exceptional price of 799 €. It could well become the companion of your vacation – and for that, you know what you have to do.

Acer Nitro AN515: mobile gaming under RTX 3060 and 144 Hz

Despite this bargain price, the Nitro AN515 will not offer you a gaming experience at a discount, quite the contrary!

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It is generously endowed with a graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, with 6 GB of dedicated memory. This has already proven itself well, and we know that it is capable of delivering high-end graphics performance, including on the most recent games. It also provides compatibility with ray-tracing, so you can enjoy lifelike lighting and reflections in games that use this technique.

Alongside this GPU is a Intel Core i5-10300H processor of the tenth generation, as well as 8 GB of DDR5 memoryand one 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD. Everything turns out to be rather swift, and ensures that the machine runs quickly and efficiently, whether you are browsing or launching a resource-intensive game.

To enjoy your games, you can count on a very nice 15.6 inch IPS screen, with generous brightness, dynamic colors and wide viewing angles. This slab at the resolution Full-HD is also particularly fluid. Indeed, with a 144Hz refresh rateit provides a response time of 3 ms, and guarantees the display of graphics up to 144 frames per second.

The ergonomic and responsive keyboard features RGB backlighting, and the direction keys – arrows and ZQSD buttons – are highlighted for easy in-game controls. And finally, the Acer CoolBoost cooling system allows efficient and homogeneous regulation of the temperature of your machine, so that you can play in any environment without risking compromising the life of your laptop.

Buy the Acer Nitro AN515 for €799 at Rue du Commerce

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