GameStop NFT Marketplace Sold Indie Games Without Permission, Developers Say

Indie games have reportedly been showing up without proper permissions on GameStop’s new NFT marketplace, and developers aren’t happy about it.

In a new report from Ars Technica, it is alleged that Nathan Ello, who created the NiFTy Arcade collection with standalone games like Worm Nom Nom, Galactic Wars, and Rogue Fleet, did not seek the go-ahead from the original creators for at least two of them. the games (Worm Nom Nom and Galactic Wars).

Ello said it tried to include only open source games approved for commercial use in its NFT collection, but clearly didn’t do enough research. Worm Nom Nom’s creative commons license is found on its page, and its engine, PICO-8, also requires users to obtain the creator’s agreement before any use occurs.

After facing rejection, Ello offered all NFT sales, totaling $55K as of July 15, to original developers and removed the NiFTy collection from GameStop’s NFT marketplace. But the developers said that these actions come too late. “My work was sold for profit without my consent,” said Breakout Hero developer Kyrstian Majewski. “Even if someone wanted to pay back the money they earned from my work, it would still be in the form of crappy Crypto.”

Ello can no longer mint on the GameStop NFT marketplace until it addresses permissions issues, but one glaring problem remains: NiFTy games cannot be removed from the blockchain and can be sold on other marketplaces.

NFTs have often been touted as “beneficial” for artists and creatives, but cases where a creator’s work is minted without permission is a dime. There are many stolen artworks uploaded to OpenSea, and artists are having trouble removing them due to the high volume of thefts and lack of response from the platform.

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It is concerning that GameStop does not appear to have implemented a removal or detection service to detect cases of theft. The company did not respond to Ars Technica’s request for comment, so it remains to be seen how GameStop will, in the future, prevent cases like this from happening again.

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