Gaming laptop sales: €899 with an RTX 3060, is it possible?

News good plan Gaming laptop sales: €899 with an RTX 3060, is it possible?

With such an attractive price on a Gaming laptop, beware of out of stock! This 16-inch HP is equipped with an RTX 3060 and is heavily reduced at Darty during these summer sales.

The HP Victus 16-D0206NF is at a low price during these summer sales 2022 at Darty

Summer sales bring down the price of many products.

This is particularly the case for gaming laptops, which are becoming cheaper and cheaper at the moment.

For example, we have this Victus 16 by HP which is available at Darty on a good deal with a total reduction of 35%!

  • We therefore go from a base price of 1399 € to only 899 €.
  • So that’s a saving of €500 that you can make here.

Also note that you can benefit from Microsoft 365 Personal offered for 12 months with the purchase of this PC.

Buy the Victus with RTX 3060 at 899€ at Darty

Victus 16: Its 16-inch screen at 144 Hz will be perfect in combination with its RTX 3060!

Previously, there were almost only 15 or 17 inch PCs. The former had the advantage of being more easily transportable and less expensive, while the latter could boast of offering a large screen to their users at the cost of an increase in the price.

Then came the 16 inches. Being right between the two, they combine the advantages of each side by allowing you to take advantage of a large enough screen, without increasing the price of the PC too much in general.

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For this Victus 16 by HP, we thus have a 16.1 inch of very good quality which has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which is ideal for all competitive games.

It is also perfect with the rest of the features of this PC which will allow you to make the most of this screen!

So here we have an RTX 3060 backed by an Intel Core i5 11400H and 16GB of RAM.

For gaming, this is the ideal configuration, including for the most recent experiences.

Ray Tracing can even be used on this model at the cost of a reduction in graphics.

Finally, you should know that this PC is equipped with a 512 GB SSD and Windows 10.

Buy the Victus with RTX 3060 at 899€ at Darty

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