Gaming laptops, LEGO, 4K TV… The French Days 2022 are coming, but the offers are already out at Cdiscount!

News good plan Gaming laptops, LEGO, 4K TV… The French Days 2022 are coming, but the offers are already out at Cdiscount!

Like every year when autumn comes, the French Days 2022 are coming to an end for the last time this year. With the other big French brands, Cdiscount has prepared some really nice offers for us that would have their place in the French Days catalog. The start of the French Days 2022 is tomorrow, but why wait when the offers are already online?

The start of the fall French Days 2022 is tomorrow, but Cdiscount did not wait to launch its offers

Tomorrow morning, the fall French Days 2022 are making their big comeback in France, and like every year at this time of year, promotions are going well a few hours before the official launch of the tricolor event.

See the Cdiscount offers before the start of the French Days 2022

Cdiscount participates as every year in the event and as usual, the brand should not go with dead hands! As proof: the offers already put online by Cdiscount are already very solid.

We find in particular:

  • The 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor : this PC gamer screen is clearly one of the best references in the eyes of PC gamers around the world. Its 27-inch curved panel makes it a screen particularly well suited to any set up. With a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 ms, it is also compatible with AMD’s FreeSync Premium technology, which clearly makes it a great ally for a seasoned gamer. Currently, it can be found at Cdiscount at a price of €279 instead of €346.
  • Philips 4K TV is at an unbeatable price : it is the ideal 4K TV for small budgets, especially since it goes from 859€ to 583€. Those of you who are not big fans of Ambilight will be delighted because this model does not have this technology. On the other hand, it is capable of displaying 4K and also has Dolby Vision compatibility. A real pleasure, especially for a 65-inch TV!
  • The famous Legion 5 gaming laptop from Lenovo : if you had to choose a gaming laptop with recent components, powerful enough to run most recent games, we can only strongly advise you to turn to the Legion 5 range from Lenovo. Moreover, we found you one at a very decent price, under the 850€ mark, with an RTX 3060 as well as a Ryzen 5 5600H processor from AMD. In short, this PC is rather well balanced, especially since you will pay €849 for it instead of €1,299 on Cdiscount on the eve of French Days 2022.
  • The superb Lamborghini Siàn in LEGO : for once, this LEGO is a big surprise from Cdiscount since it is a limited edition set from the Technic range: the Lamborghini Siàn. Moreover, you will observe an official authentication number just below the hood of the vehicle. And who says exceptional set, also says high-end packaging, since the box also borrows the lines of Italian racing cars. Level complexity you will enjoy to assemble this LEGO since it consists of 3696 parts. As for the price, Cdiscount offers it to us at a price of €341 instead of €449 (price displayed on the LEGO Store).
  • Logitech’s MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse : for people who regularly work from home, this wireless mouse could well prove to be their best ally to increase productivity. In addition to being particularly light, its announced autonomy of 70 hours ensures you long hours of use without suffering the slightest interruption. And as soon as you run out of battery, just plug it in for 3 minutes to regain 8 hours of battery life. A very good product signed Logitech once again, now available at 59€ instead of 108€ at Cdiscount.
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Cdiscount is present at the French Days 2022, and it starts tomorrow morning!

You may already know this, but the French Days is an event that takes place in France twice a year: once in the spring and the second in the fall. And as always, merchants will indulge in this fierce game of competition, to the delight of consumers.

If you have a tech product that has been on your mind for a while or you simply want to replace your TV that has become obsolete, you don’t have to wait for Black Fridays to find honest offers that fit your budget. .

In France, the Cdiscount group is one of the leaders in the field of e-commerce and we no longer even need to show you how serious the brand is. Cdiscount offers a whole host of tech equipment, from NVMe SSDs to 4K TVs and gaming laptops, we have no doubt that you can find the little gem that will set your heart alight.

On the eve of the fall French Days 2022, Cdiscount refuses to let its competitors get ahead and decide to pull out all the stops now. Amazon, which is not taking part in the French Days 2022, could well have it across its throat…

Even more attractive offers during the French Days 2022 with the unlimited Cdiscount program

Like the vast majority of large brands, Cdiscount can also pride itself on having set up a loyalty program worthy of the name to pamper its best customers.

Join the Cdiscount program at will

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The unlimited Cdiscount program costs €29 per year and allows you to take advantage of free unlimited express delivery for each of your orders, as well as a very interesting fundraising system for marked products. Some promotions are only intended for members of the Cdiscount program at will, which can be amortized from your first purchase.

It’s less known for once, but also note that up to two members of your family or a loved one can take advantage of the Cdiscount loyalty program for free with you.

As you can see, Cdiscount has already pulled out some very good offers even before the French Days 2022 season has officially started. So you can now treat yourself if something catches your eye!

See the Cdiscount offers before the start of the French Days 2022

Does Cdiscount take part in the French Days?

Cdiscount is one of the founding members of the French Days and participates every year in the French Days, including this year with
DartyLa Redoute,
Shopping street and

When do the French Days take place at Cdiscount?

At Cdiscount, the French Days begin on Friday September 23, 2022 and will continue until Monday September 26, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

What promotions can we expect from the French Days at Cdiscount?

For the French Days, Cdiscount could offer many discounts, particularly on high-tech, hardware and gaming products.

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