Genshin Impact, Dendro: Next Element Elemental Reactions Leaked!

news tip Genshin Impact, Dendro: Next Element Elemental Reactions Leaked!

A new element in Genshin Impact? What about new elemental reactions? We take stock of an information leak that will undoubtedly be of interest to players in our complete guide to Genshin Impact.

There’s something new on Genshin Impact… well, more precisely, on the content to come! So yes, there is also content right now, whether it’s the web event or the Crystalology event, which is currently underway and can reward you with almost 420 primo gems, but hard not to think about the future. …which will consist of Sumeru, a new area, but also the Dendro element! And new information about it has just leaked …

What is the Dendro element?

First of all, a little reminder about the element Dendro. The latter actually exists… since the beginning of Genshin Impact. It is associated with sumeruwhich will theoretically be the next big area in Genshin Impact. Even if to date, no character mastering this element is playable, this element is in fact already in play

Genshin Impact, Dendro: Next Element Elemental Reactions Leaked!

Indeed, the Dendrobobs, who particularly enjoy burying themselves, have been in play from the start, and you’ve probably already killed some of them. To date, the only elemental reaction with these activates with the element pyro : This reaction inflicts damage pyro over time, with in-game grass also being considered elemental Dendro. So that was for the moment all we knew about this element… except that since the closed beta which is currently taking place in China, new information has surfaced.

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Elemental reactions of the Dendro element

This is a tweet from Genshin Intel, famous leaker, who is quite credible when it comes to posting information not yet known to Genshin Impact players. And this one tweeted a message regarding the Dendro element on April 24. We translate it for you:

  • Intensification (Dendro + Electro): The damage Dendro and Electro on the affected enemy increases for 7 seconds.
  • Overdevelopment (Dendro + Hydro): Drops seeds that grow and become mushrooms. These explode after an element application Hydro and do damage Dendro in the area around them.

We would therefore have here two of the new elementary applications of the Dendro element. And these last two promise to be very interesting, especially for the element Electro just waiting to take advantage of a damage buff. Could this be the method for HoYoverse to improve this element without directly improving the characters who use it?

Another rather interesting fact, the Dendro element, still according to Genshin Intel, would have no reaction with the other elements (Anemo, Cryo and Geo). Players understand the logic behind the fact that Geo and Anemo have no interaction, but a little less the fact that this is the case with cryowhich is the 4th main element. But unless there is a change not tested in beta (which would be very surprising), we have here the list of elements “compatible” with the Dendro.

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Now all we have to do is discover the characters Dendro !

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