Genshin Impact: Kuki Shinobu’s Best Weapons

Genshin ImpactKuki Shinobu’s can act as a healer and electrical enabler. However, it can also be built to deal damage by accumulating Elemental Mastery. Because she is good at applying Electro off the field, maximizing her Elemental reaction damage is the best way for Kuki Shinobu to Sub-DPS.

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Therefore, since Kuki Shinobu’s role in the game is divided based on how players want to use her, the following article will divide Kuki Shinobu’s best weapons into Genshin Impact for Healer and Sub-DPS roles.


Best weapon to support Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact

  1. sworn to freedom
  2. primordial jade cutter
  3. iron sting

To support Kuki Shinobu, players need to focus on HP and Elemental Mastery. Because there is currently no sword in Genshin Impact that has an HP sub stat, the only way to gain HP is by using primordial jade cutter. This weapon is also great for the Arataki gang deputy as it will take a lot of hits as players build up HP stats.

Meanwhile, Freedom-Sworn and Iron Sting are great for their Elemental Mastery sub-stat. This is because Elemental Mastery also increases Kuki Shinobu’s healing. Also, sworn to freedom can provide a team-wide buff when Kuki Shinobu triggers an elemental reaction.

Unlike Freedom-Sworn, that’s a 5-star weapon, iron sting is a 4-star weapon that can be obtained by forging. To obtain one, players must own a Sword Billet, 50 Crystal Chunks, and 50 White Iron Chunks. Travelers don’t have to worry about refining the sword, as Kuki Shinobu won’t benefit from the weapon’s passive instead. Genshin Impact.

Best Sub-DPS Weapon Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact

  1. sworn to freedom
  2. primordial jade cutter
  3. Haran Geppaku Futsu
  4. iron sting
  5. the alley flash
  6. Reinforced mist separator
  7. Lion roar
  8. the black sword

Meanwhile, for Kuki Shinobu to deal damage, there are more weapons for players to choose from. The best way to use Ex-Shrine Maiden as a Sub-DPS is by maximizing her Elemental reaction damage.

For both damage and support, Kuki Shinobu, Freedom-Sworn, Primordial Jade Cutter, and Iron Sting are great weapons. This makes Iron Sting the best F2P weapon for Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact.

As for the rest of the weapons: Haran Geppaku Futsu Y Reinforced mist separator they’re here primarily as a stat stick that can provide a host of critical stats. Kuki Shinobu won’t use most of the passive except for the elemental damage bonus it provides.

the alley flash, Lion roarY the black sword they are all 4 star weapons. The Alley Flash buffs Ex-Shrine Maiden’s damage as long as it stays off the field, Lion’s Roar will continuously buff Kuki Shinobu’s damage as long as enemies are affected by Pyro or Electro, and lastly, The Black Sword is a battle . pass-exclusive weapon that can provide a decent amount of critical rate from its sub-stat.

These Genshin Impact Weapons won’t do much for Kuki Shinobu’s support ability, but they are among the best options players can use for her to deal the most damage.

Genshin Impact is available now on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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