Genshin Impact leak reveals character similar to ‘Su’ from Honkai Impact 3rd

Genshin Impact is still in the midst of its version 2.7 update, which brings new characters like Kuki Shinobu and all-new events. But we’re still getting leaks about the future of version 3.0 and beyond, and the latest leak reveals a new character coming to the game. This character closely resembles a character named ‘Su’ found in HoYoverse’s sister game, Honkai Impact 3rd.

Hints at this character were initially revealed on June 21, when prominent Genshin Impact leaker Ubatcha posted a partial image of the art of the first characters of Su. Ubatcha stated that the character’s name will not be Su in Genshin Impact, despite sharing a similar design. Also, this character will most likely not be playable in version 3.0. (However, he can still be featured.)

Later, Ubatcha revealed that the full image was leaked online and posted a full picture of the new character “Su-like”. The blurry image is difficult to see in great detail, but players will be able to make out most of the salient details in this image. His chest shows a bright green vision, probably a vision of Dendro.

Genshin Impact Data Miners @SaveYourCousins later confirmed that the image depicting the “Su Expy” is real. The image was not shared “due to the circumstances surrounding the leak.” Unfortunately, this probably means that this Su character will not be playable in version 3.0.

This is not the first time that Genshin Impact has taken inspiration from Honkai Impact 3rd for its character designs. Yae Miko was inspired by Yae Sakura, and Raiden Shogun looks a lot like Raiden Mei from Genshin Impact. Naming conventions indicate that Su’s name won’t be too far from his Honkai Impact counterpart, though we’ll have to wait for official confirmation.

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Note: Take any leak with tweezers, especially one as early as this one. As Genshin Impact version 3.0 is still a long way off, it’s important to set your expectations reasonably.

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