Genshin Impact – The Discarded Insignia World Quests Guide

A number of new world quests and puzzles will appear in the Golden Apple Archipelago once you’ve completed the main mirage-related questline in Genshin Impact v2.8’s Summertime Odyssey event. This particular world quest is called The Discarded Insignia, and we’re here to walk you through it.

How to start the search for the discarded badge

Go to Minacious Isle after you’ve finished Mona’s mirage story and place the Crystalline Cores in the Fatui machine. Then change the island back to its original form by interacting with one of the circular pools you used to enter Mona’s mirage.

When Minacious Isle returns to its original formGo to the location in the first image below and climb above the pool of water until you find an Electrohammer Vanguard. Talk to him to start the quest.


Electrohammer Vanguard on Minacious Island

Old badge location

Electrohammer Vanguard is looking for an Old Insignia item that you will need to find. It’s on the beach at Pudding Isle, northeast of your current location. We have marked the spot with a red circle on the map below. The item itself will look like a sparkly marker in the water.


Location of Old Insignia on Pudding Isle

Elemental Pillar Puzzle

Once you’ve returned the Old Insignia to the Electrohammer Vanguard, head down to the pool below; it’s time to solve a puzzle. Activate the elemental pillars in the following order to open a portal: Cryo, Anemo, Pyro, then Hydro. Then, use Anemo on the pinwheel between the Cryo and Hydro pillars to float up and into the newly opened portal.

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Elemental Pillar Puzzle on Minacious Isle

You will be teleported to another island along with Electrohammer Vanguard, Chevka. Talk to him and follow the quest marker to find his teammate Yakov. The quest will then ask you to find the other members of Chevka’s team, starting with one on Broken Isle. Follow the quest marker once more to find Mirror Maiden on Broken Isle, finish The Discarded Insignia, and start a new quest called The Misplaced Photo. However, if you’ve already completed that one, you’ll get the A Misplaced Conch world quest instead.

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