Get $20 Off The mClassic Upscaler For Amazon Prime Day

Playing old consoles on new TVs can be a hassle for many reasons, but one of the worst is that they don’t look right. Even newer devices that max out at HD resolutions like the Nintendo Switch will look blurry on big 4K or 1440p screens, and retro consoles will often look too blurry to play (if they can connect to the TV in the first place) .

However, an HDMI scaler like the mClassic from Marseille can solve all these problems.

You’d normally spend $99 for the mClassic, but it’s on sale for just $79 during Prime Day. That’s a pretty good deal for this simple dongle that can make your old, underpowered gaming devices look better.

While the mClassic is a great accessory for anyone gaming on newer screens, no device is perfect, and video converters and scalers can slightly distort your game visuals. Color accuracy and washed-out contrast are the most common issues, but the average gamer probably you won’t notice these details and it’s rarely bad enough to ruin the experience. Sure, there’s nothing better than playing older devices on a CRT, but mClassic is a great option for playing on your living room TV.

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