Giant LEGO Elden Ring build recreates the walking mausoleum

A giant fan-made LEGO Elden Ring build recreates the living Walking Mausoleum structure from the role-playing game. While most players are still working on perfecting their in-game Elden Ring builds, one FromSoftware fan had a rather different type of build in mind. The incredible LEGO structure is based on the wandering mausoleums that roam the vast plains of the open-world game.

Creator HoboSapient shared his creation on the Elden Ring subreddit, drawing massive attention and tens of thousands of upvotes from users in awe of the gargantuan construct. HoboSapient says the structure is built from an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 individual LEGO pieces and weighs about 30 pounds (that’s as much as the average three-year-old).

The internal structure is made from LEGO Technic, the range often used for more intricate sets with complex mechanisms or structures. HoboSapient says the resulting figure is “pretty solid” and was assembled from parts gathered over a period of more than 20 years of LEGO collecting.

The Walking Mausoleum, also sometimes called the Wandering Mausoleum, is a giant rocky creature that can be found slowly stomping around in certain areas of the Elden Ring map. They can often be heard from a great distance thanks to both their heavy footsteps and the giant bell swinging from their landing gear. If you can make one stop, the mausoleum at the top offers a way to double Keepsakes, for what it’s worth.

Among the praise in the responses, several positive comments suggest that the set could be submitted to the LEGO Ideas program, where users can nominate their own sets to be turned into actual builds for sale. Video game submissions such as LEGO Terraria builds have proven popular on the platform in the past, though HoboSpaient wonders if Elden Ring would be considered too “mature” a setting to pass the bar for consideration.

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If you’re still working your way through the mammoth fantasy game, check out our Elden Ring bosses guide and list of the best Elden Ring classes. If you’ve been playing the game for a while and are looking for ways to mix things up, an Elden Ring mod completely overhauls the game’s combat with inspiration drawn from Sekiro and Bloodborne. The YouTube launch of Elden Ring has set a new record for the video platform following its launch in February.

Image Credit: Hobosapient on Reddit.

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