God of War Ragnarok: very soon a release date on PS5 and PS4?

Game News God of War Ragnarok: very soon a release date on PS5 and PS4?

It’s one of the most anticipated games of the year and even of this whole beginning of the new generation: God of War Ragnarok is going to make noise, a lot of noise and it may well be that its release date has just leaked. on the Internet.

11110, the mystery number

There is the mystery man that we know well in Batman, then there is The Snitch. The latter became known quite recently thanks to numerous leaks which all came to light when he nevertheless came out of nowhere: for example, he leaked the entire State of Play, the return of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII or the inclusion of Hollow Knight Siksong in the Xbox Game Pass.

In short, this mysterious Internet user seems particularly reliable. Only here, he never sends his information in a clear and readable way and like today, he likes to do some riddles from his Twitter account, no doubt to excite the community. This is precisely the case with this GIF of Kratos, who can be seen smiling with a scroll of numbers, displaying the number 11110. Kezako?

An announcement on June 30?

Among the most probable hypotheses, it turns out that the decimal digit of this binary code 11110 is “30”. 30, like June 30 for example, the date on which many agree that a State of Play could take place there: we would then see a reveal in good and due form and above all, a release date on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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Very valuable information that has many fans boiling: all we know is that God of War Ragnarok is indeed scheduled for 2022, obviously exclusively on Sony machines. We should hear more very soon if the theories about this mysterious GIF are true…

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