God of War x The Last of Us: playing Joel and Ellie in Midgard is possible thanks to a mod!

news tip God of War x The Last of Us: playing Joel and Ellie in Midgard is possible thanks to a mod!

Have you always dreamed of replacing Kratos and Atreus with Joel and Ellie? Nope ? Well, a YouTube user did it anyway! If you can’t wait for the release of The Last of Us remake, you may be able to wait easier thanks to God of War, and a mod of course. We explain to you.

Between the arrival of The Last of Us Part 1 in September and that of God of War Ragnarok still scheduled for the end of the year, the PlayStation 5 will soon have two huge monsters that we can’t wait to get to grips with. . However, the wait is starting to get long, and players are starting to lose patience. What if we told you that while waiting for D-Day, it is currently possible to play God of War with the characters from The Last of Us? A bit crazy and completely useless, would you say? Maybe, but that’s exactly why testing this mod is essential.


  • Joel and Ellie vs. Thor and Odin
  • An even deeper mix

Joel and Ellie vs. Thor and Odin

It’s up to the YouTuber Omega Fantasy that we owe the realization of this crazy idea. Thanks to a mod created from scratch and usable on the PC version of God of War, you can replace the models of Kratos and his son Atreus with those of Joel and Elliefamous protagonists of The Last of Us. The opportunity to see the survivors of the apocalypse acquire divine abilities, and to remember that in the background, the two games are about an adult / child relationship as complex as endearing. We let you judge for yourself the quality of the mod thanks to the video below:

Omega Fantasy has not skimped on details, since in addition to changing the models of the main characters, he took the trouble to change the music of the game to stick to that of The Last of Us, but also to trade the Leviathan Ax of Kratos against an improved pipe with a chisel as we can do in the game of Naughty Dog. Furthermore, the Draugr in the game have all been replaced by Clickers, whose very special sound will cause you a few cold sweats during your first meeting. Finally, for even greater consistency, the YouTuber even allowed himself to replace the first boss of the game with the model of David, a memorable antagonist from The Last of Us. The perfect opportunity to use the legendary violence of Kratos to inflict David the rouse he deserves.

An even deeper mix

God of War x The Last of Us: playing Joel and Ellie in Midgard is possible thanks to a mod!

Seeing the video above, we could almost regret that the only detail that has escaped Omega Fantasy is the voicelines of the game, which remain identical to those of Kratos and Atreus. Indeed, if the voice of Kratos in the mouth of Joel can perhaps be confused without too many problems, it is a little more difficult to imagine Ellie with the voice of Atreus, even if the latter has not yet moved into the game. Luckily, another YouTuber took the time to fix this issue.

In the video above, Speclizer spoils us by taking over the Omega Fantasy mod and changing all the lines of dialogue with carefully chosen excerpts from The Last of Us. You will therefore be able to observe a good part of the introduction of God of War completely readapted to correspond to the models and dialogues of The Last of Us for a few minutes. A work of titan which will certainly know how to amuse you even to impress you a little. And for those who would like to test the experience for themselves, know that you can download the Omega Fantasy mod, provided of course you have God of War on PC, and contribute to the patreon-page of the user in question.

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Summary of the God of War walkthrough

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