GOG weekend sale focuses on “challenging” games

GOG is running a awesome deal in tons of indie games this weekend, many of which aim to put your gaming skills to the test. This war of mine The Last Battle: Aftermath, zero Expedition, and more are up for grabs at rock-bottom prices, making this a great time to stock up on PC games you’ve missed in recent years.

Most of the games in the collection are a bit older, but Aquamarine it’s one of the few for sale that released in 2022. The quirky game is inspired by “70s psychedelic sci-fi,” and its eye-catching graphics do a great job of capturing that vibe. When you’re not mesmerized by its looks, you’ll enjoy a challenging turn-based survival game.

Expedition Zero also released earlier this year, and gives you a nightmarish forest to explore as you try to unravel a mystery involving a top-secret expedition to a region plagued by horrendous monsters. Beyond dealing with these threats, you’ll also have to endure dangerous weather and an extreme lack of resources. It’s not easy, but it’s one of the most intriguing survival games of 2022.

Completing the sale you will find don’t starve, dismantle, niffelheim, and more. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite deals below, and you’ll find the full list of over 50 items on the GOG website.

The best deals on GOG

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