Google sales: The Pixel 4A 5G smartphone explodes in price

News good plan Google sales: The Pixel 4A 5G smartphone explodes in price

If Google is the absolute leader in terms of internet browsing, it has managed to find a place in the world of smartphones with its Google Pixel. Powerful and practical Androids that are for some 5G unlocked. This is the case of this Google Pixel 4A, with a capacity of 128GB, operating a drastic reduction in its price during the Rakuten sales.

The sales explode the price of the Google Pixel 4A, at less than 300€

This is one of the lowest prices found for this Google Pixel 4A. Unlocked 5G, and it’s where it’s been expected for years to come. With 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storageit’s a perfect opportunity to get a high-performance smartphone without breaking the bank.

Because usually at more than 500€, it melts its price on Rakuten with 295€. Add -7€ with the code YMO7180 and -20€ with the code RAKUTEN20 to lower the bill even more. Be careful, because with this addition of good deals stocks may run out quickly.

Buy the Google Pixel 4A at 268€ at Rakuten

A modern, classy and 5G Smartphone

No memory card reader like the Google Pixel 3A, but a very good storage with 128 GB and an innate modernity with the integration of USB C technology via a cable and a connector that will be essential within 2-3 years. Jack to the program for lovers of wired headphones or earphones and a fingerprint sensor on the back of the screen.

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Modernity combined with sobriety with a very classy black design between polycarbonate and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The product runs on an 8-core Snapdragon 730 processor and adds the Titan M security module to keep your personal data safe. In addition, there are 6 GB of RAM and a 3885 mAh battery for an autonomy of around 28 hours.

The rear camera is 12.2 Mpx, dual pixel, with autofocus, dual pixel phase detection, optical and electronic image stabilization. All rising up to 1080p at 30, 60 or 120 FPS.

The front camera is not to be outdone with 8 megapixels, fixed focus, an 84° field of view. Add to that the high resolution zoom, Night Vision mode or Live HDR+ for ultra-immersive photos via a preview very close to reality. In short, the top of the top for a 6.2-inch phone.

Buy the Google Pixel 4A at 268€ at Rakuten

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