Grounded Bug Ax – How To Upgrade Your Ax Fast

The Grounded Bug Ax is one of the first major tools you’ll need to craft to further open up the crafting menu and gain access to a whole new list of recipes and tools. Better than the starting item, the Pebblet Axe, the Insect Ax allows you to slice through objects like weeds, apples, poisonous mushrooms, and more. The Pebblet Ax can only take you so far, so read on to find out how to quickly gather the crafting ingredients you need and make yourself the Insect Axe.

Grounded Insect Ax Crafting Recipe

The Insect Ax requires eight items in total divided into three categories. This includes:

  • 1 ladybug head
  • 3 bomber pieces
  • 4 silk rope

Each of these items can, in theory, be collected very soon after starting the game, but each will require some deft combat skills and/or expert stealth. Silk rope is made from spider webs., which you can find wherever spiders live, such as along the wooden stumps south of the Koi pond. You can break these webs using a melee item and you’ll instantly gather the web, but be sure to do so while the local spiders have left the area, even if they only tend to do so briefly.

Ladybugs are found all over the map., even right where you first start, but they’re pretty hard to take down on their own. You should take on one co-op with some friends, or at least have a melee weapon and some armor equipped. The simplest armor set to craft is the Clover set, which requires 13 Clovers, six Raw Ropes (made from plant fibers found throughout The Backyard), and 2 Twigs.

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Once you’ve taken down a ladybug, you’ll just need a few bomber parts. You can find these green and black-spotted bugs in the southeastern part of the map.

The Insect Ax gives you access to crafting ingredients that are otherwise untouchable due to its superior cutting ability.

Bombers have a unique ability in that they can throw acid drops at you, so while they won’t test your parrying ability as much as, say, spiders, you’ll want to dodge their acid projectiles and make sure you don’t intervene. the puddles they form when they hit the ground.

Remember that because of the way they can roam, you’re likely to find these and other insects in places far from their spawning grounds, so these are just a few of the most reliable ways to locate them quickly.

Once you have all the parts you need, head over to your workbench and craft the Insect Axe. Now you’re ready to take on a big, and perhaps intimidating, part of Grounded again. For more on Obsidian’s survival game for kids, check out our review of Grounded that glows like a firefly.

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