GTA 5: A player discovers a hilarious bug on the vehicles of the game

news tip GTA 5: A player discovers a hilarious bug on the vehicles of the game

Everyone is eagerly awaiting further GTA 6 news and that’s completely normal. It must be said that the release of the fifth installment in the series dates back almost 9 years ago! However, new discoveries are still often made, like the one we are going to describe to you here.

Invisible vehicles above other vehicles

In Grand Theft Auto V, you’re going to spend quite a bit of time behind the wheel of a car or any other vehicle. Yet, although thousands of hours have been spent in these vehiclesa player recently made an unexpected discovery.

Indeed, one could say that the game files have been scrutinized many times by leakers, in particular to warn players of updates that were coming and that nothing more could be discovered. However, on Twitter, Lucas recently shared a find he made.

He realised that some files were causing a vehicle to appear above the one you were following in one of the game’s missions. He then decided to touch these files a little to make them appear in them. We let you discover the result below.

A real use for cutscenes?

One could then well wonder why Rockstar implemented these files in the game. Some have advanced the hypothesis that this could be involuntary and therefore due to a bug. But Lucas has a whole other theory about the usefulness of these invisible vehicles.

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Watching them, he noticed that these vehicles were moving in the air and clearly hovering over the action. Therefore, according to him, it could be a method that the developers have found to have other camera angles, on cutscenes or promotional videos for example.

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