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While Rockstar has been busy cleaning the internet of any early game, fans have been busy putting together a map of the GTA 6 location based on clues from that leaked footage. The project is reminiscent of a fan-made GTA V map created by GTA Forum users, who used promotional images and screenshots from the game to preview Los Santos. This time around, the basic map is being created using the in-game coordinates shown in the leak to determine where each location is in relation to the rest. These cartographers have had to get creative to get around Rockstar’s copyright restrictions, and much of the main discussion on the GTA forums has centered around how to more accurately map leaked content without including images that cannot be published. in the community. Other projects hosted outside of the forums have more complete maps in the works, including minimap segments taken from the leaked images. A map published by the Church of GTA includes some speculative roads and borders, as well as more concrete details drawn from the leaks.

Switching gears to Call of Duty now. The Modern Warfare II beta is in full swing, and one of the hot topics players are discussing is the lack of dog tags on enemies, with many calling for the feature to return in the name of improving visibility. In previous Call of Duty titles, enemy players had their names in red above their heads, making it clear that they were not teammates but hostiles. That’s not the case in the Modern Warfare II beta, where players have reported regularly shooting at their own teammates due to it being unclear who is and who isn’t an enemy.

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