GTA 6: Single character or duo, the return to basics for Rockstar and fans of the first episodes

Game News GTA 6: Single character or duo, the return to basics for Rockstar and fans of the first episodes

Even if information on GTA 6 is scarce, the Dualshockers site has just published a very interesting post, believing that this new episode is taking the right path by reducing the number of playable characters. By erasing the errors of GTA 5 and focusing on a single protagonist (or at least a duo), Rockstar would sign a homecoming saving for many fans.

GTA 5, a spectacular episode with a diluted scenario?

For all that it represents, both in terms of graphics, sound, writing and themes, GTA 5 is an extremely rich and immersive experience. There is no question of denigrating the game which will celebrate its tenth anniversary next year. However, as pointed out dual shockersthe title of Rockstar is far from being the best in terms of scriptwriting, the fault of a division of the adventure into three protagonists which tends to dilute the plot. We may love GTA 5 for its hellish trio, the fact remains that many fans are calling for a step back and this is the path a priori chosen by the Scottish studio.

Bonnie and Clyde

According to the latest information, notably provided by Jason Schreier, the Bloomberg journalist, GTA 6 should highlight a duo, a man and a woman, acting a bit like the couple of criminals “Bonnie and Clyde” who made the titles of the newspapers during the Great Depression. If it’s really a duo, we can even imagine and hope that the developers were inspired by this incredible story that fascinated America in the 1930s (and put the police forces on their teeth). Your servant signs right away for a story that comes close!

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A Bonnie and Clyde-like story would have its place in a GTA

GTA 6: Single character or duo, the return to basics for Rockstar and fans of the first episodes

By following this path and limiting the number of protagonists, this will allow Rockstar not to scatter and to write a more substantial story than that of GTA 5. In any case, this is what Dualshockers reports and they take advantage of it, by the writing of the editor-in-chief Robert Zak, to cite a few examples: The Witcher 3 and its long adventure to save Ciri, Resident Evil 1 & 2 which sees its narrative modified according to the protagonist played, Resident Evil VII and its flashbacks integrated into the main story… Robert Zak also refers to Resident Evil 6 and its narration of abysmal poverty. Aligning the characters is sometimes not a good idea, especially when the plot leaves them all on the surface instead of digging into their respective personalities and backgrounds. However, don’t get me wrong, the author specifies that the scenario of GTA 5 is far superior to that of Resident Evil 6.

More consistency

By opting for a single character or a duo, this allows the scenario to retain its substance throughout the adventure and to be more coherent. As Dualshockers note, GTA 5 was sometimes destabilizing because you could go from posed Franklin to crazy Trevor. According to Robert Zak, the emotional attachment to the protagonists is less marked in this episode than in the previous parts. It becomes more easily attached to a Niko Bellic or to CJ from San Andreas. In the same way, the player is embarked on the story of John Marston or Arthur from Red Dead Redemption. When something happens to avatars, the player’s feeling is deeper! Admittedly, waiting for official confirmations, it is only speculation (even if the information does not come from just anyone), but we can really hope that GTA 6 gets closer, emotionally speaking, to the aforementioned games or soaks up true stories, like that of Bonnie & Clyde. Fewer caricatures can be good, right?

GTA 6: Single character or duo, the return to basics for Rockstar and fans of the first episodes

This article from Dualshockers, which is a personal post, in any case puts the finger on a very interesting subject. But the expectations of some not being those of others, do not hesitate to tell us, in the comments, if you prefer an approach to GTA 5 or if, on the contrary, the return of a unique character or a duo intrigues you much more.

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