GTA Online Gets Two New Vehicles, Bonuses, Service Carbine & More

This week’s GTA Online update brings two new vehicles to the game, some additional bonuses, new places to buy weapons, and just about everything else you can pack into a crime-filled week.

The Dinka Kanjo SJ and Dinka Postlude can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, while LS Tuners bonuses offer players a triple LS Car Meet rep on all LS Car Meet races and double rewards on jobs. of Auto Shop and Contract Finale customers. As a nice little extra, players can now also purchase the Service Carbine from Ammu-Nation.

Here is the full list of changes for this week:

LS Tuners Bonuses
If you want to make a legitimate living while still getting your hands oiled, you can buy a mechanic shop for 40% off this week; the same discount also applies to repair shop modifications and upgrades. Complete Auto Shop customer jobs to your customers’ specifications or hit the track to make your own mods and earn double rewards through September 28.

Once you’ve proven your skills as a reliable driver, venturing against the law and completing Garage Contract Finals will also result in Double GTA$ & RP for the entire week.

3 times LS Car Meet representative in all LS Car Meet races
Does the roar of the engine send a tingle running down your spine? Enter the thriving underground racing scene of southern San Andreas by joining the LS Car Meet (Mimi’s waives membership fees this week) and learn at LS Car Meet Races to earn triple the usual agent points.

Double GTA$ & RP in Time Trial
Beyond the confines of the LS Car Meet, all time trials are awarding double rewards to racers this week.

Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Premium Test Ride: Custom Pfister Astron
Stop by Hao’s Special Works at the LS Car Meet to see this week’s Premium Test Ride, an upgraded Pfister Astron Custom, an SUV designed so smoothly it’s comparable to an air-conditioned spiritual experience.

This week’s HSW time trial
Once you’ve fully cranked up your vehicle’s dials and then some, launch it between Sandy Shores and La Puerta in this week’s HSW Scenic Time Trial.

Duty Carbine now at Ammu-Nation
Those who’d rather dump cold cash than rummage through LSPD crime scenes for Service Carbine components can now head to any Ammu-Nation for the latest in off-the-shelf hardware.

Double GTA$ & RP in Deathmatches
A little dog-eat-dog competition is good for you, if not your health, then at least your Maze Bank account. Participate in Rockstar Created Deathmatches to earn double rewards throughout the week.

Double GTA$ & RP on Land Grab
As the name suggests, no one will give it to you in Land Grab, you have to grab it yourself, while wearing a bright neon outfit. Claim the territory and stop anyone trying to take it from you to earn Double GTA$ & RP through September 28th.

Simeon Showroom
Visit the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom for a tour and a closer look at the vehicles below, take them for a test drive or purchase directly from Simeon as soon as you see them:

The Annis Euros (40% off) painted in Classic Harbor Blue and fitted with the Arrow Stripes livery
The newly available Imponte Phoenix in a Classic Cast Iron Silver paint job
A metallic olive green Bravado Gauntlet Classic wrapped in White 445 livery
The Declasse Vamos customized with Pearlescent Orange paint and the Sure It’s Safe? livery
A matte black Karin Previon in Stance Andreas Alt colors

luxury car showroom
Stop by the window of the Luxury Autos Showroom across the street from Record A Studios to check out this week’s deals: a metallic ice white Enus Jubilee complete with Graffiti livery and the imported Grotti Itali RSX (30% off) with a Classic Silver coat of paint and the Streamline livery, and buy one or both outright.

On the podium of the Diamond Casino: The Coil Cyclone
If your good fortune brings you to the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort this week, keep the momentum going by giving the Lucky Wheel a spin. You can get away from the owner of a Coil Cyclone.

Car Meet Prize Ride: The Vapid Flash GT
LS Car Meet members who weave their way through racers, cops and oncoming traffic to place in the Top 3 in the Pursuit Series for three days in a row will win a Vapid Flash GT.

Try the Vapid GB200, Obey Tailgater S and Karin Futo GTX
Meanwhile, the test track within Car Meet will offer free rides in the Vapid GB200, Obey Tailgater S and Karin Futo GTX to all willing and able drivers.

Visit Ammu-Nation locations across the city to purchase the Duty Carbine, the LSPD’s weapon of choice, and take advantage of free Duty Carbine ammo, extended magazines and suppressors.

Operators can upgrade their Agency facility with an Armory for 50% off this week.
Karin 190z – 50% off
Karin Sultan RS Classic – 40% off
Dinka RT3000 – 40% off
Vapid GB200 – 40% off
Albany Manana Custom – 40% off
Karin Futo GTX – 40% off
Vapid Cabal – 40% off
Euros Annis: 40% discount
Obey Tailgater S – 30% off
Grotti Italy RSX – 30% off

GTA Online is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

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