Halo Infinite Leaker Claims Campaign DLC is on the way, but it’s going to be a long wait

Post-launch support for infinity halo has been a subject of great controversy for fans of the aura franchise. infinity halo was released as a 10 year old product so expectations were comparable to other live service games like Fortnite, apex legendsY League of Legends. Expectations, understandably, have not been met. One area of ​​particular excitement was the DLC campaign, expanding infinity haloWhile no official announcements have been made on that front, a leaker claims to have some good news regarding infinity haloDLC of the future campaign.


YouTuber Sean W recently shared a video in which they claimed an anonymous source shared a surprising amount of detail about infinity haloDLC of the future campaign. For starters, the leaker says that the DLC campaign is in the works. However, development may not be progressing as aura fans would have waited. Development may not have progressed as 343 had previously planned either.

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According to the leaker, 343 Industries is working on a story DLC for infinity halo, but the decision is surprisingly recent. While no time frame was specified, the leaker says there was a time when 343 wasn’t working on story DLC for infinity halo. While that has now changed, it will obviously take a significant amount of time for story DLC development to complete. The leaker says that it is unlikely to arrive until 2025, if not later.

Some details about the campaign DLC for infinity halo were also shared by the leaker. They say that the campaign DLC will be as big as what is currently available on infinity halo, so it is substantial. The campaign will focus on battling the Endless in what is described as a “varied world”. A trademark leak in late 2021 hinted that 343 was working on something related to Endless, though it’s unclear if the two leaks are related.

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Obviously, there is no way of knowing if Sean W’s leak is reliable or not. This entire leak could be made up and it could be years before official information is available to confirm it. However, there is nothing about him that is necessarily suspicious. And it’s entirely possible that this has always been 343’s plan, to release sizable campaign DLC when it could have otherwise released a sequel.

Considering the state of infinity halo, it’s very possible that the 343 and Xbox plans will change for 2025. Maybe the DLC could become a standalone game or a infinity halo sequel, or maybe the plans could change for aura in a more dramatic way. At this time, it is difficult to make assumptions about aurathe future, but aura Fans have a sliver of hope that 343 still plans to deliver campaign DLC at some point in the ambiguous future.

infinity halo It is available now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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