Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Atlas Class Ship Salvage Guide

The Atlas is a medium-sized industrial building in Hardspace: Shipbreaker. These ships will start showing up for selection after reaching rank three, and will be slightly more difficult to salvage than mackerel. The most noticeable difference between the Atlas and Mackerel Class ships is their size, as the Atlas often has large areas below the cabin to store cargo.


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The Atlas-class ships come in three variants: the Nomad Cargo Hauler, the Scout Patrol Craft, and the Roustabout Tug. While these three variants have many differences, they all have large fuel lines that support powerful quasar thrusters, which can be difficult to salvage safely. Let’s take a look at how to completely save the Atlas class ships and some tips to do it.

Atlas Class Ship Salvage Tutorial

As mentioned above, there are three variants of Atlas-class ships. The key features of each are listed below.

nomadic cargo carrier Longest ship with three quasar thrusters used to carry cargo. It usually contains large cargo containers near the rear of the ship.
Scout Patrol Craft Longest boat built for speed. Powered by two quasar thrusters at the rear of the ship and often equipped with repeater antennas and communication assemblies.
pawn tug More robust boat with double cabins and roll bars. Two quasar thrusters on each side of the ship allow for immense power used for construction and demolition.

To begin salvaging an Atlas class ship, you’ll want to start by removing the outer parts of the ship’s exterior. Communications sets and antennas must be the first to enter the barge.

You will then need to save the quasar thrusters which are specific to the Atlas-class ships. Depending on the variant you are salvaging, your ship will have two, three or four quasar thrusters attached near the rear of the ship. To save them, there are some precautionary steps you will need to take.

First, locate the access panels on top and bottom of thruster housing panels. Remove them and send them to the processor to reveal a cut point and one or two coolant canisters. Leave the boat for now, then carefully cut the cutting point to separate the nozzle from the propellant Send this to the barge to expose the inner casing of the thruster.

Here you will see the quasar thruster connected to four fuel linesthat are active with the fuel. Cutting the cut point will now turn the lines on., causing the fire to spread through the fuel lines, damaging components and causing explosions. To avoid this, you should freeze pipes with coolant canister.

Hold on to the coolant reservoir and, without letting go, Tap it lightly against a panel to activate the coolant spray.. If it doesn’t activate, try grabbing the boat from further away before swinging it to increase its acceleration.

Once the canister is spraying coolant, take it carefully towards the four tubes to freeze them, making sure to stay a safe distance away to prevent it from freezing. Upgrading your work suit to increase its cryogenic resistance will help keep you warm. After all the pipes are frozen, you can throw the container of coolant into the furnace.

Before cutting the points that join the fuel lines to the booster, be aware that as soon as you finish cutting the first point, the fuel will become unstablegiving him a short window to stabilize him. Quickly cut the four pointssend the propellant to the barge, then fly to the end of the propeller casing. Here you will find a fuel dump valve, which you can activate to dump fuel from the pipes into a fuel tank. This will also split the thruster casing panels in half, allowing you to connect both to the processor.

Repeat this process for the remaining quasar thrusters, and you’ll have most of the work on the ship out of the way.

Saving the rest of the ship will be scrapping as usual. After depressurizing the cabin, first aim at the reactor, making sure to clear a path between him and the barge to deliver it safely and quickly before it melts. Then detach and retrieve the ship’s fuel tanks, which can be found near the fuel dump valve on the propeller casing.

With these dangerous salvage items out of the way, the rest of the ship can be salvaged at will. We recommend deal with flammable objects firsthow to remove light and heavy load that may be floating inside the ship, and Remove the fuel pipes that cover the interior panels..

remember to search lights, doors and airlock panels before moving the recovery to the processor, and carefully remove the electrical components. On higher risk boats you may need to remove the power generator, which can be done safely first separating the three nearby fuses from the switches.

After all interior and exterior components of the vessel have been removed, cut frame parts into smaller pieces and send them to the oven. Be sure to do a final sweep of the shipyard for loose parts, and your Atlas ship salvage will be complete.

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