Have you tried to… get promoted to Noodle God in The Ramen Sensei?

When I was in college, I thought of myself as a master chef when I added a hard-boiled egg to my instant noodles, but now while playing The Ramen Sensei, I realize I look a lot more like Brittany Murphy at the beginning of the 2008 Movie Ramen Girl – A humble student at the beginning of her path to noodle mastery. With hungry townspeople lining up outside my ramen shop, I debate whether the “unrivaled” combined boost gained by combining nori (seaweed) and chashu (thin roast pork) is worth the affordability of my shoyu ramen. Notoriously budget-conscious students and poets are some of my most frequent customers, but if I don’t increase the appeal of the dish, I may have to scrap it and start a new creation.

Oh, and what went wrong with my shio ramen with extra negi? That’s my usual order at a noodle shop, but I haven’t sold a bowl all day. Meanwhile, the ramen creation I randomly put together when I started the game is still my best seller. Figuring out how to sell more ramen in this game is a culinary science, and it makes me wonder if my dream of retiring to rural Japan and opening a noodle shop would actually be the laid-back, uncomplicated environment I want for my later years. However, as a cute little indie game that I can play between sips of takeout noodles, it’s a lot of fun.

let me teach you the basics

ramen sensei

(Image credit: Kairosoft)

It really took me a good amount of time to understand the basics of The Ramen Sensei, I must point out up front. The UI is a pixelated assault on the senses that uses red exclamation points to draw your attention to its many menus, icons, and stats, but clicking where prompted doesn’t result in further instructions. Meanwhile, the barebones tutorial does little to clarify what exactly is going on, which makes the first hour a bit overwhelming. I’ll also freely admit that there are some things I still don’t understand about this game – how to make a dish less difficult to prepare without sacrificing its flavor and appeal, for example – and still, I’m really enjoying my time. with that.

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