Hawkeye takes on his toughest challenge yet in this video game mashup

Image via Marvel Studios

Hawk EyeThe Avengers’ retirement has taken a turn as the sharp-eyed hero has moved into the gaming sphere thanks to this new fan edition.

East Hawk Eye the edit was done by Reddit user u/ThomasFMaher, also known as ChipTuner on YouTube. The video was shared on both social media platforms and showed Clint Barton playing archery on Wuhu Island, a game featured in wii sports complex. The superhero archer managed to hit several targets until things took a turn for the worse. The hero began to shoot down the Mii before causing massive destruction in the archery arena.

The video currently has over 6,100 views on YouTube and has received over 26,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Ever since the video was released, fans have been blown away by the quality of this edit as it went very smooth and not jarring at all.

Others began to theorize that Hawkeye’s destruction of Wuhu Island is the reason why the recent Nintendo Switch game, nintendo switch sportswas set to a different location.

Chiptuner is known for his seamless Marvel fan edits with other franchises, most of them Nintendo titles. One of his most popular videos was a mashup of Spider-Man with mario kart wiiwhich currently has over 2 million views online.

According to the YouTube video description, OP used a total of 10 different editing programs and the Hawkeye insert was done by heavy rotoscoping. They also said that many of the assets were created with Blender. Luckily, no Mii were injured during the making of the video.

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