Hayden Christensen says Mace Windu is alive if Sam Jackson wants him to be

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Hayden Christensen agrees that Mace Windu is alive in the Star Wars universe, but only because he doesn’t want to get on Samuel L. Jackson’s bad side.

For years, Jackson has been promoting the theory that his character Mace Windu from the Star Wars The prequels are really alive. Windu seems to perish during Revenge of the Sith After Anakin cuts off his hand and Palpatine throws him out the window, Jackson makes a convincing (intimidating?) case for Windu’s clandestine survival. “Of course it is [alive]!” he yelled at him in 2016. “Jedi can fall from staggering distances. And there is a long history of one-handed Jedi. Then why not?”

Theory has found new legs amid the launch of Obi Wan Kenobi. Since the show is set a decade after the events of Revenge of the Sith, Windu, if he is alive, he would appear there. In March, reporter Josh Horowitz asked Jackson if Windu was alive, to which he responded with the same conviction he had in 2016“Definitely. [There’s a] huge story of one-handed people coming back in Star Wars.”

Horowitz recently met up with Christensen, who played the character responsible for disarming (literally) Windu in Revenge of the Sith and reprized the role Obi Wan Kenobi and asked him about the Jackson theory. “If Sam Jackson wants it to be true, I wouldn’t want to disagree with that,” Christensen replied. Horowitz nodded emphatically.

Jackson’s reputation as a “bad son of a bitch” precedes him, but just because he’s intimidating doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Yes Obi Wan Kenobi gets a second season, Windu could have his second coming.

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