Heart Of Crown PC: All The Princesses, Ranked

Heart of Crown PC is the digital version of a tabletop deckbuilding game that puts some interesting twists on the genre. The most notable of these is the fact that you can’t start scoring your win condition until you back one of the seven Princesses available in the game. All vying for the Kingdom of the Hellardian Empire, these princesses have a variety of game-changing abilities that you have access to once you back them up.

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Choose wisely though, as you can only back one, and after you do, your opponents will be able to pick what’s left, if they haven’t backed a princess before you. Princesses support a variety of playstyles, opening up multiple paths to the Crown. However, some Princesses will have it easier than others, so here they are, ranked.


8 The first princess of sums, Ohka

Ohka’s ability allows you to exile two non-Territory and non-Curse cards to acquire a card from the market, worth exactly one less than the combined cost of the exiled cards, and put it into your hand. This ability has a lot of text explaining how it works, but unfortunately, it’s mostly the conditions that make his ability unusable for most but very specific situations, and even fewer of them are advantageous to you.

While the ability can be an issue, such as being able to switch to a Rare card like Imperial Capital, those times are too infrequent to rely on. Aside from getting rid of your maid apprentices (which you should do before backing up a princess anyway), you’re not likely to take advantage of Ohka’s ability.

7 Princess General Flammaria

Flammaria is a good choice if you want to try for the throne, as unlike the other princesses, you can back her up with just Farming Villages and not have to worry about running short of succession points. On top of that, she can even acquire two cards for up to five costs out of the deal, which can mean getting some powerful combo cards for free and/or getting a head start on some Senators.

Unfortunately, unless its construction is already efficient, Flammaria’s war machine may run out of steam. Meanwhile, the more patient players, who probably have Cities and even Big Cities in their Domain, build their combo engines, reducing his early lead and easily outpacing him if he can’t win quickly.

6 Second Imperial Princess Laolily

On paper, Laolily’s ability is comparable to, if not more powerful than, her older sister Lulunasaika’s six-point lead. After all, the Second Imperial Princess comes with an entourage of five Royal Handmaidens, each worth two Succession Points for a total of ten.

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However, it’s important to note that these cards go into your deck, so you still have to play them to reap the benefits. Until you do, they clog up your deck, interrupting any combos you have, and forcing you to choose between playing them until they’re gone, slowing your path to victory (usually by buying Senators or Dukes), or playing them, which isn’t always. possible. Still, you shouldn’t underestimate the Second Imperial Princess: just because she’s cute and has an adorable teddy bear doesn’t mean she can’t catch up and take a ten-point lead to win.

5 Princess of the South Seas, Klam-Klam

Klam-Klam’s ability is deceptively powerful and, in the right hands, can win you the Imperial Throne. A one-coin discount on all the cards in the Market might not sound like much, but if you think about all the times you could have bought a powerful card but were missing a coin, you’ll find that you probably lost the kingdom for lack of a coin.

While this applies to big buys like rare cards, a more common use case is grabbing multiple matched pieces in a turn to run your deck more efficiently. Or, you can take advantage of the discount to boost your economy, since thanks to the five-card hand size, it’s much easier to get five coins than six. So when big cities, which normally cost six coins, become available for five, you suddenly get exponential value on a relatively humble ability.

4 First Imperial Princess, Lulunasaika

Sometimes the best tool for a job is the simplest. Though completely lacking in frills, combo potential, or even any use beyond the initial back up, Lulunasaika can pick up the win by being closer to the Crown.

While it may seem disappointing, keep in mind that when you support the First Imperial Princess, she already has six Succession Points, more than a quarter of the 20 Points she needs to declare a Coronation. If you play well and haven’t bogged down your Dominion with Farming Villages, which negate your advantage, you have a good chance of winning simply by setting up an engine good enough to capture some Dukes and Senators.

3 Princess of the North, Anastasia

Anastasia, available in the Northern Enchantress DLC, allows you to take any Action card on the Market that is worth five or less and put it into your hand, at the cost of putting a Curse on top of your deck. Some may balk at clogging up their deck and guaranteeing a dead card in hand next turn, especially in setups where you can’t banish cards.

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However, if taking on that curse, or even multiple curses, gives you victory, wouldn’t that be worth it? Of course, this isn’t an ability you want to use every turn. But the fact that you can get any card on the Market, like a combo piece to jump-start your engine or a card that gives you enough gold for a big purchase, like a Duke, or even the Imperial Crown or the Imperial Castle, should not. it should not be taken lightly.

two Scholar Princess Bergamot

Bergamotte’s ability allows you, once per turn, to discard a non-curse card from your hand to take an action card from the discard pile. Heart of Crown is a game where one card can make all the difference, especially in a well-tuned deck, so with that in mind, Bergamotte has one of the most powerful abilities in the game.

The possibilities are endless with this flexible ability, as you can use it to recycle cards that allow you to draw with maximum engine work, cards that give you money to make a big purchase, or even attack cards that will hinder your opponents. Speaking of attack cards, Scholar Princess’s ability also makes her resistant to attacks from the hand and the deck, since if any of hers is discarded, all she has to do is discard another card to get it back.

1 Twin princesses Lain and Shion

The twin princesses ability, appropriately enough, allows you to take double turns. It does this by giving you a token that you can spend to take another turn, after the turn the token was spent on. You can’t abuse this for more than two turns in a row, but you do get one for everyone else who has a Princess when you back up Lain and Shion. Even if you get the fewest twin tiles out of this, even a double turn might be all you need to win the game.

If one card can make all the difference in Heart of Crown, imagine what you can do with a full turn. This is what makes Lain and Shion the most powerful princess card in the game. With an efficient enough deck, you can buy all the Succession cards you need to win and play them on the next turn. If your domain has Cities or Big Cities, you can set up a strong turn and then play that turn right away, all without any intervention from your opponents. The twin princesses have the most powerful ability in the game, proving that time is the coolest and most powerful thing to control. Long live the queens.

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