Help Tighnari clear the Withered Zone in Genshin Impact

I need to know how to help Tighnari clean up the wilting zone in Genshin Impact? This new quest is part of the Chronic Illness Archon Quest once you get to Sumeru and meet the early users of Dendro, Collei and Tighnari. The Dendro item was introduced to the anime game with the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, along with the new region.

After Collei falls ill during her time in Sumeru, Tighnari asks her to help him collect medicine for her, taking him deep into the region. While you’re there, you find out about the Dreadful Withering. Areas of Sumeru have been overrun by deadly withered branches, causing you and everyone in your party to accumulate decay. Decay damage can drop you and your team, unless you can clear the area.

How to erase withered areas in Genshin Impact

Once you are done collecting herbs with Tighnari as part of your quest to cure Collei, Amir will task you with clearing out the Withered Zone. This part of the Sumeru River Valley has been polluted with Withered Branches, which grow from the Withered Tumor that grows in the heart of the area. It destroys the branches, followed by the tumor, to prevent them from growing back.

Destroy withered branches with Dendrograna

Wilted branches are fairly easy to remove, and most need to be cut off with a single blow. However, you can’t just attack with your normal power, instead you must collect Dendrograna.

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Dendrograna, like other Grana, are elemental spirits that follow you around and aid you in combat. Due to Withering’s powerful nature, you must summon Dendrograna from nearby glowing plants. This provides enough of an advantage to defeat up to three Withered Branches with a charged or aimed attack.

accumulated impairment

Each Withered Branch is surrounded by a Contamination area, in which you accumulate Decay. The longer you stay in these areas, the more damage you will accumulate. If you or any of your party members build up too much decay, all party members will lose some elemental resistance, physical resistance, and max HP, eventually going down. To prevent this, you need to minimize the amount of time you spend in these contaminated areas and destroy the branches as quickly as possible. Always make sure you have Dendrograna on your side before attacking any withered branches.

Decay buildup can be seen in a red bar above your HP, so don’t let it get too high. Keep your eyes peeled for Candles of Life and Flames of Life that may appear around you to keep your decay low.

Destroy the wilt tumor

Destroying the Wither Tumor is easier than the individual branches, as you simply need to interact with the large central branch of the Wither. However, this is protected by a high level fungus that you need to defeat first. Destroy the Tumor and return to Gandharva Ville to complete the Archon quest.

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Now that you know how to make the Withered Zones safe again, you can continue through the Chronic Diseases quest line, exploring more of the Sumeru region. As you explore Sumeru, you may come across the Four Leaf Sigil Flower, a new mechanic from Genshin Impact 3.0, as well as the new Electro character, Dori, whose elemental affinity perfectly complements Dendro users.

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