Here’s Exactly How Long It Takes To Beat ‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’

picking up six months after the end of the previous game, A Plague Tale: Requiem continues the story of siblings Amicia and Hugo, and the curse of Macula that runs in her blood. Requiem brings some massive improvements to both gameplay and presentation, and with that comes a longer runtime than A Plague Tale: Innocence. You’ll need to set aside a fair amount of time for Amicia and Hugo’s new adventure, but it’s still a more compact experience than some of the other big games of the year, like elden ring. This is what you need to know.

how long is it A Plague Tale: Requiem?

An average game of A Plague Tale: Requiem it will take approximately 15-20 hours. Your time can vary quite a bit depending on the difficulty you play on, as well as how much you explore the environment. There are 21 souvenirs to collect in Requiem, plus 12 items for Hugo’s Herbarium. All of these collectibles are found through exploration, so if you’re looking for everything, you’ll probably end up around the 20 hour mark.

Your time with A Plague Tale can vary depending on whether you take an aggressive or stealth approach.focus entertainment

A Plage Tale: Requiem chapter list

A Plague Tale: Requiem It is divided into seventeen different chapters of varying length. In addition to that, each chapter is divided into subsections. You can jump to any chapter at any time by going to “Chapter Selection” in the main menu, but be aware that your progress will be reset. You can check out all the chapters and subsections below, but be aware that there are minor spoilers simply because of the names.

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I – Under a new sun

  • A long trip
  • Urticaria
  • dreaming of another place
  • Lies
  • raging fire

II – Newcomers

  • arrival in town
  • to the sand
  • arcades
  • Showdown in the stands
  • Underground
  • lighter
  • gladiators

III – A Burden of Blood

  • crossing the city
  • butcher district
  • rodric’s tool
  • the door
  • on the edge of town
  • at the herbalist
  • in prison
  • The store

IV – Duty of the protector

  • Curfew
  • Night work
  • risky route
  • The tar shop
  • Mandatory cooperation
  • The mass grave of the marshes
  • hugo’s call

V – In our wake

  • In the river
  • jet shuttle
  • bridge under construction
  • Ambush
  • hooks

VI – Leaving everything behind

  • To the sea
  • a pilgrim path
  • Connection
  • the ochres
  • call of the rats
  • hunting lesson
  • The assault

VII – Delinquents

  • arrival at the beach
  • passage in the caves
  • more rats
  • The combat according to Arnaud
  • the fishing village
  • Dry dock

VIII – A sea of ​​promises

  • Celebration of the brightest days
  • the deal
  • Stopping Arnaud
  • guests

IX – Tales and Revelations

  • Exploration
  • to the sanctuary
  • In the mountain
  • Entering the Sanctuary
  • day and night
  • Phoenix
  • Immersion


  • to the round tower
  • The coast
  • slavers
  • the old temple
  • approaching the fort
  • in the backyard
  • The chapel

XI – The Cradle of Centuries

  • Consequences of the emergency
  • back to map
  • sealed passage
  • byzantine technology
  • defense system
  • Aelia
  • rat tank
  • The hole
  • ancient corruption

XII – The life we ​​deserve

  • coming out of the crib
  • refugees in the palace
  • Mortal trap
  • escaped from the warehouse
  • reaching the limit

XIII – Nothing remains

  • Pain
  • inside the nest
  • Fresh air
  • ruined town
  • Bailing out
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XIV – Healing our Wounds

  • back to the mainland
  • Get away
  • Assault

XV – Dying Sun

XVI – King Hugh

  • Marseilles
  • The descent
  • Nebula

XVII – Legacy of the De Rune family

  • One year
  • the way to the top
  • Farewell

it does A Plague Tale: Requiem Do you have New Game Plus?

If you miss any collectibles, you can go back in Chapter Select or New Game +.focus entertainment

Yes, A Plague Tale: Requiem has a New Game Plus, which will unlock as soon as you beat the game for the first time. Using this feature will transfer all skills and weapon upgrades you have unlocked, plus any collectibles you have found.

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