Hi-Fi RUSH: Complete Achievement List Guide

HIFI RUSH it’s the last game the evil within Y Ghostwire Tokyo Developer Tango Gameworks. In a surprise twist, HIFI RUSH it was announced and then immediately released on Xbox Series X/S and PC (and is currently available on Xbox GamePass). And if you’re looking for a full rundown of the game’s achievement list, we’ve got you covered.

All Hi-Fi Rush achievements

HIFI RUSH has 61 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore. Some achievements are awarded for naturally progressing through the game, while others are tied to things like finding health upgrades, performing specific moves in combat, achieving a high combo multiplier, etc. Some are secret, so we’ve moved them to their own list for those who wish to avoid spoilers.

Here are all the achievements you can unlock in HIFI RUSH:

  • easy listening – Finish the game by completing all levels on Easy difficulty. 20 player score
  • Well that was a rush! – Beat the game and complete all levels on Normal difficulty. 20 player score
  • I think I deserve some praise, here! – Beat the game and complete all levels on Hard difficulty. 20 player score
  • And the crowd goes wild! – Beat the game and complete all levels on Very Hard difficulty. 30 player score
  • Didn’t skip a beat! – Beat the game and complete all levels on Rhythm Master difficulty. 50 player score
  • I don’t see this being a problem ever again. – Solve the problem once and for all in an epic battle. 50 player score
  • Thanks for the free chip, Peppermint! – Buy and equip your first upgrade chip. 5 player score
  • chip-tuning – Increase your token slots to their maximum capacity. 20 player score
  • I play my way! – Buy and equip your first special attack. 5 player score
  • Wow! Is there ANOTHER health bar!? – Increase your health up to where you unlock a second level. 10 player score
  • I think that’s enough health for now. – Fully upgrade your health bar by collecting all life gauges. 20 player score
  • Fully powered up! – Fully upgrade your reverb gauge to max. 20 player score
  • Do I have to read these things? – Find and read half of Vandelay’s Vlogs on campus. 10 player score
  • Do I have to read ALL this stuff? – Find and read every Vandelay Vlog on campus. 20 player score
  • Feeling the rhythm! – Launches 20 hit attacks at enemies. 5 player score
  • Beat-hit mania – Launches 500 hit attacks at enemies. 20 player score
  • Do you have this, mint? – Destroy 10 barriers by calling Peppermint. 5 player score
  • You must like to call me, Chai – Destroy 50 barriers by calling Peppermint. 20 player score
  • Z-shielding has nothing against us! – Break 10 enemy shields by calling Macaron. 5 player score
  • I think I found your calling, Macaron – Break 50 enemy shields by calling Macaron. 20 player score
  • perfect stop – Successfully parry at the perfect moment 15 times. 5 player score
  • Perfect Parry-er! – Successful parry with perfect timing 200 times. 25 Player Score
  • Uh, they were broken when I got here – Destroy 200 Vandelay security robots. 10 player score
  • That’s a lot of scrap metal… – Destroy 500 Vandelay security robots. 20 player score
  • OK, well THEY came after ME! – Destroy 1000 Vandelay security robots. 30 player score
  • Kissing the sky! – Perform 50 aerial raves. 10 player score
  • We’re jammin’ – Successfully pulled off 20 Jam Combos. 10 player score
  • i’m not done with you yet – Overkill 20 enemies. 10 player score
  • First we parry, then we counterattack – Perform 20 parry counters with any teammate. 15 player score
  • This is how you fight as a team! – Perform 100 parry counters with any teammate. 30 player score
  • my latest song list – Complete all floors in the Rhythm Tower. 30 player score
  • I look cool but I can look COOLER. – Equip any costume. 10 player score
  • What a trip it was… – Complete the Wall of Fame in the hideout. 30 player score
  • This was not… what I expected.. – Have “The Artist” decorate your hideout. 10 player score
  • There is such a thing as TOO useful. – Find and interact with each Smidge as you complete all of their practice tips. 15 player score
  • We have seen each other before? – Find the Vandelay HR investigator and listen to all of his monologues. 15 Game Score
  • Who put the gears there? – Destroyed your first golden statue of Kale. 10 player score
  • Alright, that felt AWESOME! – He defeated his first enemy with a Rhythm Parry Attack. 10 player score
  • I hit things with a guitar very well. – Finish a stage with an S rank for each Choir. (Any difficulty.) 30 Gamerscore
  • I am untouchable! – Finish a stage without taking any damage. (Any difficulty.) 30 Gamerscore
  • You can pet the cat! – Play with 808 in hide and seek. 5 player score
  • Do you want to listen to my playlist? – Change the background music in the hideout. 5 player score
  • Does that say weak point? – Destroys QA-1MIL’s face, revealing his embarrassment. 10 player score
  • I told you it would be fine, Peppermint! – Complete the journey through production on the transit rail without taking damage. 10 player score
  • Have you ever stopped a volcano? – Successfully stop a volcanic rock out of research and development. 10 player score
  • I am a good person who likes to help – Help 3 Vandelay robots with their urgent problems. 10 player score
  • I’m trying to FOCUS HERE! – Find and shoot down all the floating ad drones. 10 player score
  • With our powers combined… and to the beat… – Perfectly time the takedown of your biggest enemy yet in a musical ending. 10 player score
  • I saw all those successes come a measure away! – Perfectly stops all Rhythm Parry attacks from all non-boss enemies. 10 player score
  • OK I THINK I know what I’m doing now – Successfully perform all combos and attacks in the training room. 10 player score
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Hi-Fi RUSH Secret Achievements (May Contain Spoilers):

  • Look at my moves! – Buy every combo and partner attack. 20 player score
  • This is a breeze! – Put out 50 fires in battle with Korsica. 20 player score
  • Outside in a puff of smoke – Put out 10 fires in battle with Korsica. 5 player score
  • Problem solved… wait what? – Uncover the deepest mystery behind the SPECTRA gates on campus. 30 player score
  • Who’s the boss now? – Discuss it with the CEO and get to the top. 15 player score
  • Time to pay! – Settle the invoice with the person in charge of Finance. 15 player score
  • headliner – Be the sensational one for the head of Marketing. 15 player score
  • The negotiator – Remove the head of Security from the equation. 15 player score
  • This will cost you a lot – Drain the development budget, eliminating creative control. 15 player score
  • cream of the crop – Get to the top with a battle against the Production Boss. 15 player score
  • Start with a bang! – Eliminate the last line of defense in Quality Assurance. 15 player score

Featured image via Bethesda.

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