Hitman 3 Elusive Target: The Food Critic Silent Assassin Guide (Updated for Year Two)

Update: July 15

The Food Critic has been updated for Hitman 3 Year Two and is now available for a short time in-game. We’ve revised our original method below, and it still holds up to the year two version of this elusive goal. Follow this guide and you should complete the mission without any issues.

Original article

The Food Critic is an elusive target set in the Bangkok location. This is a Hitman 2 location, but it is free to all Hitman 3 players for a short time while this Elusive Target is active. This guide covers how to kill the target with basic equipment and get the rank of Silent Assassin.

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Elusive Target Warning

You only get one chance to complete this mission. As soon as you start completing the objectives, which in this case means when you kill the target, you can no longer restart the mission. However, until then, you can restart the mission as many times as you like. We recommend going through our route several times without killing the target until you feel comfortable with it. When you are, you can really take it on and go for the kill.


Gamepur screenshot

You just need the standard gear that Agent 47 always has for this route. The gun and the coin are essential, but nothing more. The Gluttony Gobbling Escalation Profligacy Suit is good to wear if you’re feeling flashy, but you can wear any suit you want.

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Step 1: Enter the building

Gamepur screenshot

From the starting location, go up the stairs and then to the right. Go all the way to the edge of the building and turn left. Keep moving until you see the guard. There is a drain pipe on the side of the pot next to it that you need to climb. Below is a map reference for this drainpipe.

Gamepur screenshot

Climb up the drainpipe and slide down the edge of the balcony. An NPC will come out and start smoking on the balcony as you move, but he won’t see you. Head to the left side of the balcony and then climb onto it. Enter the room through the door directly to your right.

Gamepur screenshot

Inside this room, open the hallway door and shoot the wall to the right of the doors before hiding behind the couch. This shot will attract a security guard from the hallway. Once they’re inside, subdue them and remove their uniform. Pick up his gun and then head to the diner.

Step 2: set it up

Gamepur screenshot

The target will spend most of its time. Above is a map reference for the exact location. You will notice a bodyguard dressed in black near the window. Drop the security guard’s gun in front of him for him to pick up and walk away to dispose of it.

Gamepur screenshot

Now you must wait for a waiter to come downstairs and approach the cook. You will be able to see them in the distance. Wait for them to leave the area before doing anything else, otherwise you will be detected. As soon as his animation starts again, he places a coin on the balcony.

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Step 3: The Kill

Gamepur screenshot

Bump into the target to make them look at you, then run in front of the coin on the balcony. This will make him go and investigate. When he is near the balcony, push him to kill him. This is an accidental kill, so the body can be found, but it won’t remove your Silent Assassin rating.

Now all you need to do is find an exit and get out of the area. Completing the Elusive Target will unlock The Casual Suit With Gloves for use anywhere.

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