Horror fans recommend the most amazing and mind-boggling of the genre

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The human brain loves a good mystery, a good puzzle, and the success of figuring out exactly what happens during fiction. Horror so often it crosses over into the realm of mystery and fans look to puzzle it out.

Bring your mind back to your favorite unexplained horror movies, like The ritual, Follow, and the like. Movies that respect your intelligence and allow you to do detective work by figuring out what’s going on on Earth. A horror fanatic strives to find the best in this subgenre and the recommendations are excellent.

The original poster gave immediate credence to one of Ben Affleck’s most neglected roles, with praise for ghosts. Affleck stars alongside an excellent cast including Rose McGowan, Peter O’Toole and Liev Schreiber as they work together to find out what happened in a small Colorado town.

If you fancy listening to an exultant Nine Inch Nails soundtrack, lost highway should be next on your list of deeply unnerving horror. With his song “The Perfect Drug”, he could give you the punch you need.

Several commenters also referenced 2009 Triangle as one to watch, with scream queen Melissa George opposite Liam Hemsworth in a deeply disturbing film set on a boat trip to Florida.

One can hardly speak of mysterious terror without a mention of twin peaks. A genre-defining series that even the late Queen Elizabeth II was believed to be a huge fan of. If someone could explain what is going on during The fire walks with meThat would be great.

A Twilight Zone the plot comes to life Jacob’s Ladder also gets a strong mention, despite the tiresome fact that there isn’t a ladder in Jacob’s Ladder. I hope someone got fired for that mistake.

Many of these movies are currently available to stream on Shudder, which maintains a backlog of lesser-known horror movies.

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