Horror Stans dives into the past to unearth the cheesiest deep cuts the 1980s had to offer.

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the heyday of horror might be back among us thanks to some stellar releases in 2022, but horror enthusiasts are reliving the 1980s in search of the decade’s best and cheesiest movies.

Throughout the decade, there were the births of multiple franchises that are still going strong today, such as the bad death Y Nightmare on Elm Street, but a lovingly strange womb was born with the home video. Terrible creature features and B-movie trash made their way onto VHS and Laserdisc, with cheap thrills entertaining a decade of audiences.

Forty years later, fans are discussing the best of the cheese-laden movie era, with some true gems on the mixing board.

To return to high terror was part of a small wave of movies in the genre that involved shooting his movie in an abandoned school during summer break and trying to find as many older actors as he can to play the teenagers. The real horror was seeing a 45-year-old man in a school uniform like in Return to Horror High.

If you’re terrified of going to the mall, snack mall it will be very scary for you. The ridiculously cheesy movie sees a robotic security officer guarding a large futuristic shopping mall while blowing up multiple heads in a beautifully gory manner. Popularized after being featured on RedLetterMedia’s the best of the worstworth seeing

devils night sees an over-the-top seductress begin a reign of unspeakable horrors on the world, all while looking like a Halloween costume come to life. Featuring the iconic line “How about an orgy?”, this horror comedy will keep you laughing in between terrors.

Another user posted an excellent long list, highlighting knowingly terrible movies produced by Troma Entertainment, such as The Toxic Avenger and the many subsequent sequels. Slumber Party Massacre By the way, it’s exactly what it says on the tin, so don’t be surprised.

Even more sleazy and cheesy movies were suggested, and yes, Cannibal women in the avocado jungle of death it’s actually a real movie. What a title!

What has been a great year for horror is still far from over, with gargantuan releases yet to come, such as end halloweenwhich will be out on October 14.

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