Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series — Chelsea Warner On-The-Go, from hotel rooms to harmonies

Join us for Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series 2 and witness the Chelsea Warner magic unfold with her MSI Prestige 13EVO laptop.

Welcome to Happy Mag’s Hot Chips series, where we dive into the captivating world of makers and their cutting-edge technology that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary works of art.

In this issue, we meet the multi-talented artist from Sydney, Chelsea Warner. A master of many instruments, a fascinating singer, a prolific songwriter and an innovative producer, Chelsea’s music knows no boundaries.

With only your trusty MSI Prestige 13EVO laptop by your side, you create melodies and harmonies that transcend space and time, whether you’re in your cozy study, in a hotel room, or soaring above the clouds during your international flights.

For Chelsea, it’s all about creating wherever inspiration strikes. She’s not one to be hampered by touring or traveling; instead, she accepts it as an opportunity to further expand her creative boundaries. The MSI Prestige 13EVO is her musical companion, unlocking a realm of endless possibilities and creativity.

Driven by her desire to work with what she has, Chelsea stresses the importance of being able to record vocals on the go, experiment with Ableton, and embrace the liberating feeling of producing music with a portable setup.

Chelsea’s music is a profound expression of her journey, reflecting her externalizing process to transcend the boundaries of overthinking and self-doubt. Through her music, she harnesses the healing power of sound, allowing her to weave her magic and touch the hearts of listeners.

chelsea warner

While Chelsea appreciates her study space at home, the portability of her laptop gives her the freedom to create wherever she wants. Equipped with her compact MIDI keyboard, trusty laptop, headphones, and reliable USB microphone, she can effortlessly transform any setting into her personal creative haven. Whether it’s a hotel room, a bustling airport terminal, or a quiet park, Chelsea’s laptop is your portal to a world of limitless musical potential.

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As a curious traveler, Chelsea finds inspiration in the unknown. Exploring new cities, immersing herself in various cultures, and immersing herself in unfamiliar surroundings fuels her creativity. Armed with her smartphone, she captures intriguing field footage that sparks her imagination. The art of unconventional sampling is her forte, turning everyday sounds into captivating aural delights.

chelsea warner

His creative process often begins with harmonic instruments or cleverly arranged progressions, building a solid foundation for his productions. Organic sounds add depth and texture to his music, while his clever production techniques transform them into something completely unique. Chelsea’s setup allows you to work effortlessly, flowing seamlessly between methodical precision and uninhibited bursts of creativity.

Spinning, for Chelsea, is more than just a performance. It’s an opportunity to infuse new sounds and experiences into your projects, bringing your ever-evolving art to life. The MSI Prestige 13EVO is the backbone of her artistic journey, allowing her to create enchanting melodies that resonate deeply with her fans.

Join us next time as we continue to explore visionary creators and their extraordinary technology, creating art that moves us all. Until then, let the music heal, uplift and inspire, just as Chelsea Warner does with her magical compositions.

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