Hot Drop: How Apex Legends Mobile Fits Into Apex Legends Lore

Hot Drop is GameSpot’s Apex Legends column, in which Jordan Ramée takes a closer look at Respawn’s battle royale to provide additional information on the evolution of the game, as well as delve into its episodic storytelling and characters.

Man, I haven’t written a Hot Drop in a hot minute. And for that, I apologize. You all deserve regular opportunities to jump into the comments and tell me how absurd my many Apex Legends theories are, or how I’m 100% correct in my prediction that Apex Games will move to the moon of Seer’s home planet, Boreas. , in Season 15. To make up for my absence, let’s talk about something spicy, like Apex Legends Mobile lore.

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Apex Legends Mobile ha sido un tema complicado para los amantes de la tradición de Apex Legends porque aparentemente va en contra de gran parte de la historia establecida y la trama del Battle Royale de Respawn. En Apex Legends Mobile, las leyendas luchan en las versiones originales de Kings Canyon y World’s Edge, lo que tiene poco sentido dado que ambos han sido destruidos y reconstruidos regularmente a lo largo de las temporadas en el juego de consola/PC.

Algunas personas originalmente teorizaron que Apex Legends Mobile podría tener lugar en el pasado, antes de la devastación que ocurrió en estos mapas en Apex Legends. Pero ese no puede ser el caso, dado que las leyendas viajaron primero a World’s Edge porque Kings Canyon había sido parcialmente destruido y necesitaba ser reconstruido. Y Loba, que se agregó a Apex Legends Mobile después del lanzamiento, coincidió con la destrucción de Skull Town y Thunderdome en Kings Canyon. Sin embargo, si juegas a Apex Legends Mobile, ambos puntos de referencia siguen en pie.

Ciertamente, no ayuda que Apex Legends Mobile tenga leyendas exclusivas, Fade y Rhapsody, lo que plantea la pregunta de por qué no se han tenido en cuenta en la historia de Apex Legends hasta este momento y siguen quedando fuera de cada subsiguiente. Argumento de Quest, cómic de Twitter y tráiler cinemático.

Para todos los efectos, Apex Legends Mobile y Apex Legends parecen ser parte de universos completamente diferentes. Lo cual, por supuesto, podría ser el caso, dado que el universo de Titanfall tiene un multiverso de realidades gracias a Apex Legends. Sin embargo, creo que es más divertido imaginar que los dos juegos existen dentro del mismo universo.

Después de todo, ¿por qué más el escritor principal de Apex Legends Mobile, Mike Rosenthal, me diría que su equipo y el equipo de redacción de Apex Legends comparten su trabajo entre sí? “Compartimos nuestro trabajo y buscamos comentarios durante cada paso del desarrollo”, dijo Rosenthal. “Esto ayuda a garantizar que nuestros nuevos personajes encajen bien dentro del universo establecido de Apex”. Si te esfuerzas por hacer que la tradición y los personajes de dos juegos funcionen en el mismo espacio, creo que vale la pena tratar de hacer que los dos encajen en el mismo universo, incluso si los mapas y los personajes parecen ser iguales. implicando lo contrario.

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La mejor explicación de cómo encajan los dos juegos es que los mapas de Apex Legends Mobile no son reales, sino campos de batalla virtuales creados como una especie de campo de entrenamiento para las leyendas y los posibles participantes de Apex Games.

en un Píoel director mundial de Apex Legends, Eduardo Agostini, escribe: “Ahora que hemos establecido viejos [point-of-interests] can be resurrected/rebuilt in this old IMC Simulation Dome somewhere in the Outlands, what landmarks from the past do you think should return, especially for a mode like Gun Run?

The tweet is more of a call for players to mention which of their favorite POIs who are no longer in Apex Legends should return in future limited-time modes, like the Beast of Prey Collection’s Gun Run event. This has not been confirmed to be an official story tweet, it is more of a request for comment tweet. But I like the idea of ​​considering this as a tradition tweet. We’ve already had several examples over the years of old POIs returning to Apex Legends for a limited time. We’ve even brought back full maps that are no longer in the game, like the original Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps returning to Apex Legends during the Genesis Collection event.

In hindsight, it should have been impossible to play as Loba in the original Kings Canyon during the Genesis Collection event, since she blew it up before then. But that’s not impossible as the Syndicate has orchestrated a virtual training ground for legends, taking over an old IMC Simulation Dome to resurrect long-lost points of interest and maps. And then sometimes broadcasting these training sessions from that dome to the rest of the Outlands as official Apex Games matches, which are the ones we play during limited-time events.

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Such an explanation allows Apex Legends Mobile to better fit into the overall Apex Legends lore because it recontextualizes what mobile gaming is. Matches in the mobile game are not played in the real world at Kings Canyon and World’s Edge; all of these matches are held in an IMC Simulation Dome. It is a completely separate league from the Battle Royale blood sport that exists within the Apex Legends universe, much like the NBA and EuroLeague are professional basketball leagues, but they are completely separate competitions.

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So when characters like Loba and Crypto came to Apex Legends Mobile as new characters, they didn’t come as new competitors. They have been part of the Apex Games that exist in Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point. But they have only participated in the virtual league in a limited capacity, probably as a means of training for the real deal. They are now in the virtual league in a more permanent capacity as official competitors.

If Apex Legends Mobile and Apex Legends cover different leagues of the same blood sport, it would also explain why Apex Legends Mobile has features like AI-controlled opponents filling sparse lobbies. It is the virtual league. Those all-AI squads you come across that are easy to kill are simulation-created opponents, almost like a VR training program.

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It also explains why simulacrum characters like Revenant and Ash don’t have much to say about a character like Fade who wears a simulacrum suit. Or why an acclaimed DJ like Rhapsody hasn’t approached Vantage about his terrible musical choices. I don’t think these characters are in the same league and as such they probably won’t run into each other as often. And it would explain why Fade and Rhapsody aren’t in the cinematic trailers or Apex Legends Quest stories, as it’s a completely different competition than the one they fight. I’m sure that’s what they’re striving for – Respawn can’t. Call Fade and Rhapsody “mobile legends first” in all the marketing material and then hope you don’t think they won’t be in the console/PC game one day, but for now, they’re only good enough for the virtual competition. Both video games are the Apex Games, they are just different leagues of the Apex Games.

And until Respawn actually steps forward and explains how Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile are connected and exist in the same time and place, that’s the reasoning I’m going with. But if you have a better theory, I’m all ears in the comments section below.

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