House Flipper 2 looks like a big step forward

You will be able to build houses from scratch in the sequel.

For as many granular simulation games as we have these days, it’s not that common to see a full numbered sequel. but from 2018 house fin broke through with three million copies sold on PC and consoles, and that was enough to house fin 2 to get the green light. Here’s our first look at the gameplay, including a noticeably less “basic” art style.

I liked the original game for what it was, though I ended up wanting a more complete experience with a larger scope. Cleaning nasty homes and renovating them is a concept that pretty much sells itself in the sim space, so I’m happy to see the developers of Frozen District try it again, presumably with more hint this time.

the big change– In addition to the returning Story mode, there will be a Sandbox mode where you can “build houses from scratch” instead of just beefing up existing ones.

“We have put a lot of heart and history into house fin 2polishing our trusted tools, focusing on player creativity, and adding mysteries to discover,” lead producer Jakub Bujas said in a press release. “We think returning fans and new players alike will enjoy relaxing, creating and exploring the Pinnacove community.”

With the warm general welcome of Power Wash Simulator Recently, I feel like more people are giving these kind of games a try. And as much as some publishers take a shotgun approach to figuring out the topic of the next great sim (with plenty of glitches in the process), among those games that resonate, the quality bar seems to be rising.

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If I’m honest, I’d play a simple “house cleaning simulator” – it’s weirdly relaxing! – but having a full cycle of home renovation and construction will go a long way.

house fin 2 It’s coming to Steam sometime in 2023, with PlayStation and Xbox versions also planned.

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