How does the Tome of Traits work in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)?

One of the hardest parts of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is getting all the right synergies to make your team strong enough to destroy your enemy’s board. You trust your traits to do a lot of this for you. However, that goal becomes much easier if you get a trait item that helps top off your trait buffs. A great way to do this is with the Tome of Traits, a tricky little item that gives you 4 random trait items. So how does this article work? Can you make it give you the perfect features?

All about the Tome of Traits


Tome of Traits is a droppable item that gives you 4 different trait items that can add new stackable traits to your board. For example, you can add a Swiftshot trait to Nidalee to give her a bonus range and give Varus some synergy on a fully astral build. These items are random, but they can completely change the game by upgrading your units. Other times, though, they can seem random and mess up your plans. After all, it’s pretty annoying to have a random Evoker trait on a full Mirage Warrior build.


When you get the Tome of Traits, it’s pretty easy to use. Once it appears in your bank, you pick up the Tome of Traits and move it to the bottom of the screen. This is like if you could sell a champion unit. Then when you drop it you should be offered 4 different traits. Click on one and it will appear in your bank. It won’t always be the traits you want, as the choices are random among all traits in the game (except for unique traits like Dragon, Bard, etc.).

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If you’re looking for a Tome of Traits, they drop during monster rounds in an orb or you can get a boost that gives you 1-2 Tomes of Traits. These events only occur during certain rounds:

  • 1-2 (minions)
  • 1-3 (Minions)
  • 1-4 (Minions/Increase)
  • 2-7 (Krugs)
  • 3-3 (Increase)
  • 3-7 (Dark Wolves)
  • 4-6 (Increase)
  • 4-7 (Dragon Shrine Treasure)
  • 5-7 (Test of courage)
  • 6-7 (Rift Herald)
  • 7-7 (Elder Dragon)

In Hyper Roll, boost turns become 3-1, 5-2, and 7-2.

Is there a cheat in the Tome of Traits?

While there is no way to make the Tome of Traits give you the exact trait you are looking for, there are ways to increase the chance of getting usable traits for your build. As Riot Mort describes on Twitter, after patch 12.3 they modified the Tome of Traits to have chance rules you can play around with. So, depending on the amount of asset Y inactive traits on your board units, you will get better odds for custom options. For the exact stats:

  • 0-4 traits = completely random
  • 5-6 traits = 1 trait adapted to your board
  • 7-8 traits = 2 traits suited to your board
  • 9-10 traits = 3 traits suited to your board
  • More than 11 features = the 4 features adapted to your board

So while this doesn’t mean you should build a team with a dozen or more weird traits, it does mean that Tome of Traits is much more effective if you save it for later in the game than early on. Otherwise, you’re much more likely to get random traits that aren’t useful to you. However, you still can’t force the Tome of Traits to give you the most useful traits, like giving you a fifth Canoneer for a Revel Canoneer build. You could end up with a third random mystic instead. You just have to play the game of chance to the best of your ability and hope it works. If you do, your team could be unstoppable.

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