How Facecheck Could Make You a League of Legends Pro

If you’re one of the millions of people already playing League of Legends, or someone looking to get into the popular online game, Facecheck is something you’ll need to check out.

It’s true that practice makes perfect in LoL, but Facecheck provides a handy way to maximize your progress with each game. You can explore a wide range of invaluable features that will certainly boost your rankings in no time. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or just want to eliminate your friends, using this app could give you the upper hand.

In addition to live play, you’ll also be privy to a world of League of Legends stats, tips, information and analysis, all of which are designed to help you play smarter. Using advice from the community at large and your own preferences, you can have your ultimate items and runes ready to go at the touch of a key, getting you on the Rift with ease. Read on to see how Facecheck, an app recommended by professional esports champions, could help you streamline every aspect of your League of Legends experience.

In League of Legends terminology, a face verification is a risky thing that new players often do. It’s about getting into a brush to see what’s inside, rather than practicing caution and using a skill shot to create a vision from a distance. The Facecheck app essentially does this job for you, getting into the fray and analyzing any incoming danger before, after, and during a game.

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Prepare in advance

For those of you who like to delve into lore or keep each character’s stats handy, Facecheck has several features to support your pre-game experience. Everything you could ever want to learn about League of Legends is right at your fingertips in the app interface.

With this wealth of information, you can easily navigate data about your favorite champions. Win rates, matchups, general trends, and stats are displayed for each, allowing you to make an informed decision when preparing for a match. You can also find tips below each champion, which provides tips specific to each champion’s playstyle and strengths. If you have something to add yourself, you can also upload your own tips and tricks for future players looking for some advice.

Facecheck also actively suggests pro build recommendations while you’re on the champ select screen, allowing you to learn about and analyze your picks ahead of time. Each build allows you to send runes, items, and spells directly to any LoL client, so you can jump into the game faster than ever.

Statistics at a glance

Becoming a pro in League of Legends can be as much about knowing and predicting what your opponent is going to do as it is about raw skill. However, sometimes you just don’t have time to dig into countless stats, and luckily Facecheck has a solution for this.

Using the app means you can get live information about your opponents, know their weaknesses and strengths at a glance with an innovative tag system. Look for terms like “Assassin,” “Winner,” and “Indestructible” on your opponents’ tags, or view your own and see what type of player is seen. They are a quick way to prepare for the competition and learn where you excel.

It pays to know if your opponent is favoring a specific type of damage, or if he’s a little wobbly in his lane. With on-screen tips and tricks, you can dive into each game with new confidence, as you’ll be coached every step of the way.

If you’re looking to go a step further, you can dig even deeper with in-game stats, which look specifically at your lane opponents. You can see what their typical build looks like, if they play this lane often, and what their strategy has been so far. This kind of insight will give you an edge over anyone who crosses your path.

Reflect on your performance

After each game, you can refer back to your career stats and learn new tips specific to your playstyle and Champion. Hanging out in the Desktop Home Hub will allow you to reflect and prepare for the next game once the gaming frenzy has died down. When a match ends, a number of key metrics specific to the last game will be displayed, along with tips on how to improve.

Putting your own custom builds together with Facecheck couldn’t be easier, and accurate and reliable stats ensure you always have the upper hand in all game modes.

Installing Facecheck is also very easy: just make sure you have the Overwolf client installed, download Facecheck, and then the next time you launch League of Legends with Overwolf enabled, it will run automatically. From here, you can set your own hotkeys and preferences.

To gain access to Facecheck and a host of other free game-enhancing apps, features, and mods, download Overwolf for PC today and join the community.

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