How grind pops work in Session: Skate Sim

If you’ve absorbed any marketing or online editions for Session: Skate Sim, you’ve probably seen players who know how to move. It seems that they always have exact control over which way they jump. This advanced system is not hinted at within the game, waiting for you to discover it for yourself. This guide will help you understand how grind pops work in Session: Skate Sim.

Grind pops working in Session: Skate Sim, explained

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By default, the direction of the grind burst is dictated by the weight distribution. When grinding a ledge or rail, pay attention to the board and the skater’s body. The side of the ledge or rail with the largest part of the board or the skater’s body leaning over it is the side you will automatically jump towards when performing any tricks. If there is an even distribution of weight, like during a 50-50, you will come off the side you came into the routine on.

Controlling the direction of the grind pop is simple, but will take a lot of practice for new players. To choose the direction of the grind pop, you need to drop the grind input. Immediately afterward, move either of the analog sticks in the desired direction. Alternatively, move either analog stick up or down if you want to stay on the ledge or rail for a multi-line buff. Speed ​​is the crucial factor here. If you take too long, you’ll walk away or the blowout just won’t happen.

Let’s use a front nosegrind in a normal stance with the standard left foot/right foot controls as an example. Approach any grindable surface with an ollie, nollie, or flip trick, and hold the left stick up to perform the front nosegrind. Since the length of the grind can vary depending on multiple factors, you don’t need to do this next step right away. Release the left analog stick all the way once you’re ready to start.

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As soon as you release the left stick, move one of the analog sticks to the right to jump right. Move either stick left to jump left. If you want to stay on the same ledge or railing, move the stick up or down. Even with left foot/right foot controls, you don’t need to worry about your posture or what kind of routine you’re in. Move in the desired direction with whatever stick your body naturally moves towards in the heat of the moment.

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