How should you reply “When I see her like this, it’s…” with Aoi in the cafeteria in Digimon Survive?

After a dangerous boss battle against Garurumon and Monzaemon in Part 4 of Digimon Survive, you will enter Part 5. The early stages of this scene put you in a Free Action phase where you can talk to most of the characters. of the group, including Aoi. This guide explains how you should respond to Aoi in the cafeteria when you see the message “When I see her like this, it’s…” so that you don’t have the wrong reaction.

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How should you reply “When I see her like this, it’s…” with Aoi in the cafeteria?

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There are three answers you can give to “When I see her like this, it’s…” when you talk to Aoi in the cafeteria. The one you should choose is “Pretty…because it will increase your affinity with her. The other two options give you new dialogue that you won’t see with this one, but they don’t increase your affinity. You should only choose them if you want to avoid increasing her affinity with Aoi.

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By increasing your affinity with Aoi, you will make her more useful in battle when talking to Digimon. Her ability is to heal Digimon, so increasing your affinity with her is priceless for the toughest boss battles. However, she will also open up new dialogue options and cutscenes later in the game with a higher affinity. Some endings are also tied to your affinity with certain characters, so you should research them and find out if you need to increase your affinity with Aoi to reach the goal you’re working toward. Above all else, Aoi is just a powerful ally and character, so having a high affinity with her will help you on whatever karma route you’re taking in the game. However, she is definitely more beneficial for a Harmony game.

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