How slides work in Session: Skate Sim

After getting used to the basics of Session: Skate Sim, you’re probably wondering how to animate a typical skateboarding session. With the revised Powerslide system from official version 1.0, the feature has been transformed from an alternative way of stopping the board into a nifty game box. Our guide details the ins and outs of the Powerslide system.

How to Powerslide in Session: Skate Sim

Gamepur screenshot

Basic front and back slides are easier than you’d expect, as your stance doesn’t alter the input required. Using the right foot/left foot control scheme as a base, let’s examine how the basic slides work in Session: Skate Sim.

To perform a rear powerslide, you will need to push and hold both analog sticks inward. This means that the right stick faces left, while the left stick faces right. You will continue to slide until you let go of the sticks or lose friction and come to a complete stop. In order to perform a front slide, you will need to push both sticks out. This means that you hold the right stick to the right while holding the left stick to the left.

It’s worth noting that the game’s advanced settings menu features a slider that allows you to adjust the amount of friction encountered when performing power slides. Adjusting these settings adds an extra layer of control to the existing game. Less friction allows for longer slides, while more friction stops the board sooner.

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Add Spins to Slides in Session: Skate Sim

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to use the added complexity that Session: Skate Sim’s controls provide. For starters, the triggers can be used to add extra spin to a power slide for a graceful transition to fakie. The trigger required depends on your stance and the power slide in question.

For example, when performing a rear power slide in a normal stance, hold down the right trigger or R2 to finish the spin. To finish the spin of a rear power slide in a goofy stance, use the left trigger or L2. For front swipes, just toggle the triggers. For example, finishing the spin from a normal stance requires you to hold the Left Trigger or L2 instead of the Right Trigger.

Learning Advanced Powerlides in Session: Skate Sim

Gamepur screenshot

If you want to dig deeper, Session: Skate Sim allows you to apply pressure to either side of the board during a slide. This means you can transition to two-wheel gliding, with even more options ranging from freestyle to manual turns.

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Like the grind pops, these advanced powerlides are a simple concept that will simply take enough practice to pull off consistently. Let’s use the Powerslide and Left Foot/Right Foot rear controls for our example.

First, imagine which side of the board you want to hover in the air and make a note of which foot is planted there. Release the analog stick corresponding to the side of the board you want to raise, while still holding the opposite stick. To replicate the image at the beginning of this section, you need to release the right stick during the power slide. Doing so transfers all the pressure to the side of the board that your left foot is planted on.

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For further refinement, the amount of pressure applied to the plate corresponds to the amount of pressure applied to the analog stick. If you want a more subtle two-wheel slide, pull the lever back from the edge of the controller very slightly to make light adjustments. With all of this happening in a matter of seconds, it can be easy to accidentally re-center the stick or not react quickly enough before the power slide ends. However, don’t give up. Like everything in Session: Skate Sim, it’s a skill that can be obtained with enough trial and error.

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