How The Old Republic Ends Revan’s Story

introduced in Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicRevan has become one of the most iconic Star Wars characters outside of the movies. Revan’s history spans multiple games spanning three centuries of Star Wars story, where it reaches its conclusion during the events of BioWare’s Star Wars, The Old Republic MMORPG. As a Jedi Knight, Revan would challenge the Jedi Order and lead a group of rogue Jedi in a war to defend the Republic against the invading Mandalorians. As the Sith Lord, Revan would turn those same Jedi to the Dark Side and rule his own Sith Empire to wage war against the Republic.


The events surrounding Knights of the Old Republic However, they are only the first half of Revan’s story, as he would eventually travel to the Unknown Regions once more to confront the Sith Emperor who had manipulated him and Malak into joining the Dark Side. Betrayed and captured, Revan would spend centuries in stasis, imprisoned by the Emperor before meeting the player characters in Star Wars, The Old Republic. Through multiple Flashpoint dungeons and a full expansion, Shadow of Revanhis story would eventually come to an end thanks to the actions of the players.

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Revan is captured by the real Sith after Knights of the Old Republic

Retracing his steps after having lost his memory, Revan arrives in the Nathema System, where the Emperor once used a ritual that stripped the Force from the planet, instantly killing all life and granting him immortality. At the same time, Lord Scourge and Darth Nyriss were in Nathema observing the results of the Emperor’s power. The Sith Lords shot down the Ebon Hawk and took Revan prisoner, losing his T3-M4 droid. This leads to the events of Knights of the Old Republic 2as T3-M4 would repair the Ebon Hawk and join Jedi Exile Meetra Surik, the player character in COTOR 2. After COTOR 2Meetra Surik and T3-M4 returned to Nathema and tracked Revan down to Dromund Kaas, the capital world of the Sith Empire where Revan was being held captive.

During Revan’s imprisonment by Scourge, he had convinced Scourge that he saw visions showing that they could overthrow the Emperor together. When Meetra Surik and T3-M4 arrive on Dromund Kaas, Scourge joins them in freeing Revan from captivity and they head to the throne room. During the confrontation with the Emperor, Scourge has a vision of a future Jedi Knight: the old republic‘s Jedi Knight player character class: who would be the one to defeat the Emperor. In an act of betrayal, Scourge kills Meetra Surik from behind. The Emperor destroys T3-M4 and imprisons Revan in a hidden space station in the dangerous Maelstrom Nebula for the next three centuries.

Revan is rescued 300 years later in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The extremely powerful Sith Emperor spends the next three centuries absorbing Revan’s power, linking with his mind to gather information about the Republic. The Empire eventually invades the Republic and a devastating galactic war ensues. However, Revan’s strength was being bolstered by Meetra Surik’s Force ghost, and he was able to influence the Sith Emperor’s mind. After the Empire sacked Coruscant, Revan’s influence led the Empire to sign the Treaty of Coruscant, briefly halting the violence during a period of tension known as the Cold War. This Cold War is the starting point of Star Wars, The Old RepublicThe first chapters of .

Aware of the Emperor’s intent to initiate a dark ritual that would exterminate all life in the galaxy, the Force ghost of Meetra Surik approached Jedi Master Oteg. Master Oteg formed a strike team to storm Maelstrom Prison and rescue Revan from captivity. This would play out through a series of in-game Flashpoints for Republic players, “Taral V” and “Maelstrom Prison”. Ultimately, the strike team manages to free Revan, who is mortified at his own freedom as he can no longer use his influence to suppress the Emperor’s violence. Revan separates himself from the Jedi once more to pursue his own ends.

Revan is eventually reunited with fellow assassin droid HK-47, and together they reactivate an old Rakatan droid foundry to create a droid army that would destroy the Empire. Imperial players raid the foundry in Flashpoint “The Foundry”, eventually shutting down the foundry’s generator and engaging HK-47. HK-47 is destroyed by the Sith players, who then move in to engage Revan. Revan is defeated by the players, splitting his essence in half. The Light Side half of him joins the Force, while the Dark Side part takes on a physical form steeped in madness and darkness.

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Revan’s story comes to an end in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The maddened Revan begins to build up his forces in an attempt to destroy both the Sith Empire and the Republic, sensing that both are obstacles in the way of his mission to defeat the Emperor once and for all. Revan would use his Revanite cultists and Nova Blades pirate allies in various plots to destabilize the galaxy and reignite conflict between the Empire and the Republic. These plots would mostly be foiled and Revan’s intentions would be revealed, leading him to go to Yavin 4 with all of his forces. Previously, the Emperor had been defeated by the Jedi Knight player character as Lord Scourge previously foresaw, and his spirit was regenerating on Yavin 4. Revan intended to destroy the Emperor by resurrecting him and finishing him off on Yavin 4.

A coalition of Sith and Republic forces pursued Revan to Yavin and engaged his forces, eventually leading to a final battle between Revan and heroes from both sides of the conflict, including the player character. Death and destruction due to the Sith and Republic’s conflict with Revan’s followers helped restore the Sith Emperor’s powers, giving his spirit enough strength to flee Yavin 4. With Revan’s plans ruined and his defeat At the hands of the Sith-Empire coalition, the dark and light side halves of Revan were reunited, fusing the restored Revan with the Force.

Revan would appear for the last time during the final confrontation with Tenebrae, the original identity of the Sith Emperor. Within the mind of Satele Shan, descendant of Revan, the three aspects of Tenebrae (Emperor Vitiate, Valkorion, and Tenebrae) attempted to resurrect. Revan, along with Meetra Surik and many other spirits of people who had been killed by the Emperor over the centuries, assisted the player character in the final destruction of what remained of the Emperor’s essence. With every moment of the last 300 years of Revan’s life seemingly leading up to this final battle, Revan was finally at peace and became one with the Force, and the galaxy would be safe from one of the greatest threats it would ever face.

Star Wars, The Old Republic is available on PC.

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