How To Avoid This Dreaded Battery-Bloating Samsung Phone Fate

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Getting swol isn’t just something the typical gym rat strives to be, it also happens to be the fate of many batteries. electronics devices these days. That can include everything from laptops, phones, and mp3 players to game consoles of various sizes, types, and brands. But is there a way to prevent it from happening in the first place?

One brand that is getting some attention lately for this unfortunate trend is Samsung, with YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss (aka Arun Rupesh Maini) even claiming that the phenomenon is occurring disproportionately high among Samsung devices, as noted on tech blog engadget. However, the article pointed out that swollen batteries can happen to many different brands, not just Samsung.

Some have even claimed that swollen batteries have been the fate of newer devices like the Galaxy Fold Z from around 2020 and laptops from various brands. Gareth Belton, a twenty-two-year-old IT specialist, has even said that some of the swollen laptop batteries he’s come across were only three to five years old, estimating that about 10 percent of the laptops he repairs have swollen batteries, according to washington post.

In fact, finding swollen batteries in electronic devices that make them look like a pistachio nut coming out of their shell is so common that there’s even a dedicated subreddit called r/spicypillows where Reddit users share their worst encounters in photos.

In the meantime washington post The article and the r/spicypillows subreddit have warned that electronic device battery degradation, including bloating, is basically unavoidable, there are a few steps you can take to make your batteries last longer and don’t be saddled with weight right away.

Don’t keep your device constantly plugged in or permanently unplugged

One thing that has been warned by multiple sources is to keep your device at a proper charge level. That includes not keeping the device connected constantly or keeping it permanently disconnected if it’s a backup you rarely use. Both of these practices can contribute to battery degradation. As the engadget article pointed out:

“[Battery swelling is] it’s more likely to happen if you leave a battery without charging or discharging for a long time, and many companies (such as Apple) recommend that you keep batteries at about 50 percent charge if you won’t be using a device for long periods of time.”

In washington post article, Carnegie Mellon University mechanical engineering professor Venkat Viswanathan recommends striking a balance:

“His advice: Once your device’s battery reaches 100 percent, unplug it and use it as you normally would. Then once you get to the 10 to 20 percent range, charge it again.”

In a Reddit FAQ post that is pinned to the top of the r/spicypillows subreddit, he similarly warns against keeping devices constantly at 100 percent or 0 percent health, and instead advises :

“Don’t leave your device plugged in all the time. Leaving the battery fully charged or fully discharged for long periods of time can damage it. If you are going to store a battery for more than a couple of weeks, try to store it with about a 50% charge.”

Avoid extreme temperatures

High temperatures can contribute to literally overcharging, degrading your electronic device’s battery and ultimately shortening its lifespan. washington post He noted that while laptops often have fans to prevent this, phones can easily get overlooked on a sweltering day, especially if you keep them in your car. That’s why it’s definitely a smart move to get your phone out of direct sunlight, or from under the intense heat coming in through your car’s windshield glass, on a hot day.

Similarly, it is also not advisable to expose your electronic device to extreme cold, as the r/spicypillows FAQ page pointed out:

“Avoid extreme temperatures. Very high and low temperatures can damage batteries and reduce their lifespan”

Use only high quality chargers

Another wise piece of wisdom from the r/spicypillows FAQ post is to only use chargers that have undergone some kind of certification process to ensure their quality, as using cheap chargers could ruin your battery’s lifespan. device. As it explains:

“Use only high-quality, certified chargers. Imitation chargers may not meet the manufacturer’s charger standards and may not be able to provide sufficient quality power to the device.”

Try not to let your device hit the ground

As with many things in life, gravity itself can be your archenemy when it comes to keeping your electronic devices – and their batteries – in tip-top shape for as long as possible. For that reason, it may be worth investing in a rugged phone or laptop case in case such mishaps occur. What washington post article explained:

“Usually, if your laptop falls out of your hands, the first thing you’d worry about is whether its screen is still in one piece. But Viswanathan says these kinds of drops could lead to situations where one part of the battery is charged more than others. That could lead to increased battery life, as well as other less-than-pleasant results.”

If you come across a swollen battery in your device, it’s important to remain calm. What washington post explained article, does not necessarily mean that it is about to explode per se. However, it would probably be wise to stop using the battery immediately, do not charge it, store it in a fireproof container, and take it to a local battery recycling center if possible. Consider contacting your device manufacturer if the battery doesn’t easily come out of the device by design, but if it doesn’t, the battery recycling center of your choice should at least be aware of additional steps you can take.

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