How to complete Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal) in Final Fantasy XIV

The Containment Bay S1T7 Unreal Raid is now available in Final Fantasy XIV. Here, you will have the opportunity to face the fearsome enemy Sephirot, working together with a small team to defeat them. There are various mechanics to work through, many of which differ from the standard raid you already completed at level 60. This guide explains how to complete Containment Bay S1T7 on Unreal difficulty in Final Fantasy XIV, so you can defeat Sephirot.

How to beat Sephirot

How to unlock Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal)

Before you can start this raid, you will need to unlock it. You can do this after reaching the Heavensward expansion, completing it, and reaching the Gods of Eld quest. You can find this quest in The Pillars by talking to Torsefers. This will unlock the standard Containment Bay S1T7 raid. You will need to complete this once to access the Unreal version.

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First phase

At the start of the fight, your main battle tank will want to push Sephirot to the opposite side, facing away from the group. The boss will unleash focused attacks that cause a split effect. You want to make sure the tank is facing away from the party. Throughout these attacks, Sephirot will unleash multiple attacks across the party that will damage everyone, forcing the healers in the party to focus on sending out AoE heals and mitigating damage as much as possible. If any other player can help with this, it is highly recommended. Also, these attacks can be consecutive, which complicates them.

Once these attacks have ceased, the next attack Sephirot unleashes places green orbs on the ground. One will be in the middle of the arena and the next three will form a T on the ground. Your group will want to go where there are no orbs, with the damage dealers piling in, and the second tank and healers going together. This is because, after these attacks, one damage stack will be placed on a damage dealer and another on a healer. You want to spread them out to prevent everyone, as it also causes a Physical Vulnerability debuff. You don’t want this to happen to your main tank.

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Gamepur screenshot

After this phase, the main tank will bring Sephirot back to mid and follow the same pattern. Now, everyone is waiting to see another green orb appear in the arena. When he does, everyone will want to stack up right on the edge of the boss’s damage, waiting for the green orb to hit them.

While this is happening, multiple players will get a Purple or Green AOE attack on top of them. When this happens, dash behind the boss and split up and walk away from each other, with the one with the Purple stack going to the back wall. The boss will stand in front of the green orb and perform a massive attack in this direction. After this, restart and continue this rotation at least three more times.

Gamepur screenshot

Once it reaches a certain point, Sephirot will scatter to the side of the arena and multiple enemies will spawn. One is called Binah and the other is called Cochma. The main tank will want to focus on Cochma, while the rest of the group focuses on Binah. Cochma will do some heavy attacks while landing stacks of magic vulnerabilities, while Binah deals magic damage. His group will want to keep Binah away from the main tank while the Cochma is away. Every time you kill these enemies, a whole party attack damages everyone. We recommend spreading these attacks out and giving your healers time to heal and recover spells. You will have to defeat two Cochma and 12 Binah.

Gamepur screenshot

Second stage

Before the second phase begins, Sephirot goes to destroy the main floor. We recommend everyone stack up at the center point, near the north side, and then apply damage mitigation for a full party attack that will deal high damage. When this happens, the stage will reappear below you and a yellow flash will appear on the screen. Immediately move from your position when this happens, as the spikes will rise from your current position. You can now target Sephirot and start damaging them.

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Gamepur screenshot

Shortly after this happens, everyone in the party will have an orange or green debuff. The orange debuff is Force Against Might, which lowers your physical defense, and the green debuff is Force Against Magic, which lowers your magical defense. Sefirot will extend his hands, one will be orange and the other green. You’ll want to stand on the side with the orb the same color as your debuff. Those with the orange debuff will want to be closer to the center of the stage, while those with the green debuff will want to be closer to Sephirot.

Gamepur screenshot

After the orbs explode, two circles will appear, making them look like large towers, which is dealing heavy damage in this location. Those with the orange debuff will want to stand on these towers. When they erupt, they won’t hurt them, but they will now receive tethers that connect them to Sephirot. Those with the green debuff will want to stand in front of Sephirot to steal those bindings.

Gamepur screenshot

When tethers trigger, they won’t damage those with the green debuff. While this is going on, those with the orange debuff will want to go to the far south, and those with the green debuff will want to be below Sephirot, as multiple green orbs will grow in the middle of the arena. When the green orbs go off, the orange rejected party members want to run to the center and absorb the towers that are about to explode again.

Next, a healer and a member of the damage group will receive an Earthshaker. This means that they will want to go to the south side of the arena, facing each other. However, their screen will flash yellow before they turn off, so expect to dodge another spike similar to the first part of the second phase.

After this attack, everyone will get spread attacks, forcing everyone to split up and move away from each other. However, shortly after these attacks, two pillars will appear again. The tanks in your party will want to pick one to jump in, apply damage mitigation, and take these heavy hits for the party.

Once you’ve gotten past these attacks, the next set will push your party back a few times, and positioning is very critical. A blue circle will appear in front of Sephirot, and everyone will want to stack on this spot. Wait here, then spread out to the southeastern part of the blue circle when a yellow flash appears, returning you to the southeastern part of the arena.

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Next, avoid the blue circle, but head to the center of the arena, to the outside of the glowing green orb that grows on the southwest side, and when the pushback happens, you’ll go to the east end of the arena. The next circle to appear will be near your current position on the east side. You must go outside, in the southwestern part, and when it is shot, you will land in the southwestern part of the arena. Upon completion of these attacks, your party will face another part of Earthshakers, but they have the same mechanic.

Now, you want to approach Sephirot on his side of the arena and wait for him to knock you down to the south side. After he does, you and your party must deal with multiple enemies. There will be several Binahs and a Word Storm near your party. You will want to focus on Word Storm and have a tanky focus on the Binahs. While this is happening, expect multiple attacks from Sephiroth, such as the pillars and orbs. You’ll need to coordinate with your healers to make sure they’re prepared for all of this damage. After the Storm of Words has been defeated, focus on the Binahs.

Upon defeating the Storm of Words, it will leave a green aura. Everyone will want to stack it, and Sephiroth will do a little pushback. However, the green aura will send everyone flying, preventing a sweep attack from Sephiroth, which could knock everyone out of the level. This process will repeat until he defeats Sephirot.

If you and your party can’t defeat Sephirot before the enrage mechanic, his arms will come down to the side of the arena and drag everyone aside. No green aura in the south of the arena will send everyone flying.

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