How to complete mission three: Escape Artist in Escape Academy

Professor Slip is quite calm. He doesn’t lay deadly traps for you. All he wants is for you to get into the area where the Escape Monument is and tag it. He must gather the supplies before he can place his signature on this great monument. Do you have what it takes to get through the gate and reach the finish line? Let’s find out how great an escape artist you are.

How to get spray paint

First, you’ll need to get your hands on some spray paint. To do this, start by going to the study to your left from where you start. Once inside, you will need to collect a few items. Grab the following items in the room:

  • Bananas stained with paint – in the center cabinet
  • Paint Stained Cheese – On the stool by the easels
  • Wine stained paint – Lying in the bag on the chair in front of the sawhorses.
Gamepur screenshot

Once you have all the items, assemble them in the center of the studio on the table. After placing the items, look at them from behind to get code 139. Enter this code into the lock on the cabinet to open it. Take the anti-invisible ink from inside the cabinet. Use the anti-invisible ink on the blank wall to make a bunch of lines appear like the image below.

Gamepur screenshot

To complete this part of the puzzle, you will need to trace the lines coming out of the turnstiles on the left next to the gate to the colors on the right. This will tell you what color to turn each of the turnstiles. Turnstiles must be in the following color order from top to bottom:

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After entering the code, the door to the teacher’s office will open. Go inside, open the metal cabinet and get your hands on the spray paint.

get to the monument

You’re not done in the studio yet. Before leaving, go to the metal cabinet on the left. Open it and take the artwork called Open Sesame Painting. Put the painting in the frame in the studio. This will shred the painting, leaving it in several strips on the platform below the frame. You will need to move the pieces of the artwork to recreate the painting before it is mixed. It should look like the image below.

Gamepur screenshot

Once you put the painting back together, you will get the code from the door next to the master’s office. The code is Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down. Enter the code to open the door to what we’ll call the storage room. On the right side of the storage room, you will see a scanner that you can interact with. This will reveal images in the paintings behind him. Scan the first three paintings from left to right. This will reveal the images of the following statues:

Go out into the courtyard and look at the statues. She will see a yellow spray-painted mark on each of them. Remember these marks. Look at the last painting in the storage room to get the security code. Press the following buttons to open the safe.

  • Left middle button
  • Right center button
  • Lower left button

With the safe open, you will be able to get your hands on the Strange Sculpture. You will also see the shape of a vase inside the safe. Unfortunately, you can’t pick this up.

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Gamepur screenshot

Go out into the courtyard and place the Strange Sculpture on the door with the big face. This is the nose of the face. Look at the various vases to the left and right of the door to find ones that match the image inside the safe. Pay attention to the details of the faces on the vases. This will tell you how to place the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth on the face. You will need the face to be in the following position:

  • Both eyes will look down to the left (the face is the left, not yours)
  • The eyebrows should be raised towards the left side of the face.
  • The mouth should be slightly open.
Gamepur screenshot

Knock on the door to open it and continue into what we’ll call the statue room. When you enter the room, grab the keys on either side of the statue. If you look at the keys, they will be marked with the numbers 2 and 5. These keys add up to 7. Locate the door with the number 7 above it and place the two keys in the locks to open it. The door of the first room will be surrounded by silhouettes. Look at the silhouettes and match the statues in the room with the direction the images are facing, like in the image below.

Gamepur screenshot

Pick up the three keys in the door that opens and move to the door with the number 10 on top. Use keys 7 and 3 to open the door. The key to completing this room is to turn up the heads of the statues of the people in the paintings who were beheaded. Check the paintings around the door to find the answer, or see the image below.

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Gamepur screenshot

Take the key from the door that opens and use the last of your keys on the final door. The key to completing the final room is to place the busts on the pedestals in order of height. Use the paintings around the front door to figure out which of the characters is the tallest and work your way down. The following image shows the statues in the correct order.

Gamepur screenshot

With the statues placed in the correct order, the door behind them will open. Follow the path to the monument and interact with it. This will cause you to mark the monument with the spray paint you got earlier, completing the puzzle.

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