How to complete the Homecoming King mission in Evil Dead: The Game

Lord Arthur is in the wrong time period in Evil Dead: The Game. He needs to go back to his timeline. To do this, Arthur needs the Kandarian Dagger and the Necronomicon’s help to open a rift and return. Unfortunately, the forces of darkness will work against him to stop him. In this guide, we cover how to complete the Homecoming King quest in Evil Dead: The Game.

How to complete the homecoming king

When you start the Homecoming King quest, you play as Lord Arthur. Your first objective is to head south to find the Kandarian Dagger south of you, in the Fishing Village. However, before venturing there, we recommend looting the many surrounding houses for supplies and weapons. You should find a crossbow in one of the nearby houses and a lot of special ammunition.

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When you arrive, you can grab the dagger and the next target will be revealed to you, but not before several skeletons ambush you. Now, you need to find the Necronomicon and use it with the dagger to help send Lord Arthur back home. Just like the dagger, when you get to the Necronomicon several enemies will spawn nearby that you need to take out.

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With these two items in Lord Arthur, he can now create a rift to send him back to his timeline. It will be to the east of your location, under the Fryingpan Tunnel. However, Evil Ash will block your way when you arrive, and you need to fight him to make your way. Unfortunately, Evil Ash is too strong for Lord Arthur. He needs to use his legendary sword, Excalibur.

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You can find Lord Arthur’s sword at Payne Manor. There will be several red skeletons that you need to defeat before entering the house, and several elite skeletons guard it, along with many regular skeletons. We recommend using his crossbow to headshot Elite Skeletons to make short work of hammering away at the red skeletons, destroying them one by one before entering the mansion. You will find Lord Arthur’s sword in the center of the mansion.

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After obtaining Lord Arthur’s sword, it’s time to head back to the rift. You must return to the Fryingpan Tunnel and enter. This time, Evil Ash will not stop you. However, you don’t want to take too long to get to this location. The storm surrounding the area will slowly approach and multiple skeletons will start spawning, chasing you. The faster you get to the rift, the better.

Upon entering the rift, Lord Arthur will be inside a pit with a Pit Deadite. It’s a one-on-one duel, and you can quickly settle it using his sword. After defeating Pit Deadite, Evil Ash will appear, and it will be the last obstacle in front of you before you can complete the quest. Once you reach the end of the quest, you will also unlock Lord Arthur for use in multiplayer games.

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