How to complete the Party Down mission in Evil Dead: The Game

A group of idiots stole Ash Williams’ ride in the Evil Dead: The Game’s Party Down mission. Unfortunately, the Necronomicon was in the truck. Ash will need a ride back to make sure the book doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. He needs to throw a big party to bring them back, and you need to collect all five bottles of Wiseman’s Brew to throw it. In this guide, we cover how to complete the Party Down mission in Evil Dead: The Game.

Party Down Mission Guide

Collect all five Wiseman’s Brew locations

The objective of the Party Down mission is to find all five bottles of Wiseman’s Brew on the map. The first will be near where you spawn at the start of the game. After you have it, you will need to locate the other four.

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Before you go looking for the rest, we recommend going into the shack you spawn in to gather supplies. You can find a shovel and a broomstick inside to fight the forces of darkness.

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Head north of your location to find the Wiseman Brew bottle west of Harry’s House. You will have to fight against nine Deadites that will appear once you have the bottle. Many will be standard Deadite enemies, but some will be elite. We recommend using your shovel to take out standard enemies and then using your Boomstick to take out Elite enemies.

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Next, head to the southwest of your position, to the Shockley Auto area. He should have an easier time in this place with only a handful of Deadites guarding him and an Elite. The Elite will be stronger than the previous ones, but you can make short work of it if you use your broom.

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Now, go to the southern Wiseman Brew bottle location in Dead End. Before you grab it, check the surrounding houses to see if there are any supplies you might need. When you grab the bottle, several Deadites appear, and you will have to eliminate them before proceeding to the final location and completing the mission.

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The final Wiseman Brew bottle location will be northeast of its location in the Royal Oak Cemetery. When you get to that location, you need to fight a single Deadite Elite, which will be harder than the ones you’ve faced previously. We recommend taking them out using your ranged weapon of choice and keeping your distance from them outside of executions. By grabbing the last bottle of Wiseman Brew you will complete Party Down.

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