How to complete the rising fireworks in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a lot to offer to keep players entertained, and side quests are just one of those options. Most of these side quests are simple and easy, but some require a bit more effort. One of those side quests is Firework Rising. This is how you can complete the Firework Rising side quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Firework Rising Side Quest Walkthrough

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This quest requires you to be at least level 33 because you will be fighting some powerful enemies. To start the quest, simply head to Cetus Island and talk to the Slayer. Once you talk to him the quest will start and you will get your first objective to try out two rides on the island – a roller coaster and a carousel.

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You can find the entrance to the roller coaster by heading in the opposite direction from where the Slayer is standing. When you reach the entrance, wait for the ride and interact to ride it. After getting on the roller coaster, get on the carousel, which you can find by going in the opposite direction of the roller coaster and then turning right.

After riding both of them, talk to Slayer, and here he will give you the objective to find the fireworks expert. To do that, fast travel to the closest point to the target and head towards it. Once you’re there, look for the mine manager, Kim.

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Kim will give you the objective to eliminate the samurai. He goes to the target area and defeats all enemies there. Some of them are powerful and can take some time, but once you’re done, he reports back to Kim. He will ask you to collect fire crystals and cores; you can get both from the area across the river from Kim.

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Once you’ve gathered the materials, deliver them to Kim, and then talk to Slayer. Now you need to find the fireworks setup expert at the port of Banges. It’s not easy to do that, but look for a guy named Felton, who wanders around the area. Talk to him and he will give you the objective to help him find the clues to the hyena hideout.

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Go to the hyena hideout that is marked on the map and go up the stairs to the right of the entrance. In front of the room you will see a small glowing object on the ground, interact with it and get the code to decode. Report to Felton and then return to Slayer.

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Lastly, Slayer will ask you to fix all three firework devices. After that, he talks to Slayer and waits until 22:00 to see the fireworks. When it’s time, he talks to Slayer and watch the fireworks to complete the quest.

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