How to dig up mounds of buried treasure in Fortune’s Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone

There are several hidden items that you can find on the Fortune’s Keep map in Call of Duty: Warzone, a reimagining of Rebirth Island. Fortune’s Keep arrives in Season 4 alongside the Mercenaries of Fortune event, featuring multiple challenges for you to complete and earn exclusive rewards. One of these challenges will have you searching for buried treasure on the island. This guide covers how to dig up mounds of buried treasure in Fortune’s Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone.

How to unearth mounds of buried treasure

You can find the Buried Treasure Piles near Smuggler’s Cove. They will appear on the south side of the map, near the bottom. This is a lower area where you need to jump and stay close to the sand. We recommend being as close to the water as possible when searching for these piles, which makes it easier to find the sand piles that contain the treasure.

Gamepur screenshot

When you find these locations, a button will appear for you to interact with these stacks so you can dig up the treasure.

Whenever we have interacted with these piles, we have not been able to unearth any of the treasures. We have played several games at Fortune’s Keep. We have not discovered a specific tool required to unearth this treasure or any other indication that we are missing an item to interact with these locations. We don’t know if there’s something missing or if it’s a bug that we can’t unearth these mounds. For now, we know where to find these buried treasures, but we don’t know how to dig them up. We will update this guide if we find a workaround, potential fix for this issue, or locate the item we need to unearth these.

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